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the radio stations here in Nashvegas that advertise the night`s upcoming sitcoms with these little sound bites. based on the little snippets and the canned laughter, it`s a wonder anyone watches television at all. but then my sense of humour is considered dark and obscure in some circles and downright evil in others.

today is the beginning of the lenten season and even though i don`t make new year`s resolutions, the lapsed Catholic in me seems determined to continue the tradition of giving something up for lent. i can`t remember what i gave up for lent last year, or if it was one of those good intentions that got lost in the midst of the migration.

it`s hard to believe that it`s been almost a year since i got here, time flies when you`re having fun. i`ve been going over the paperwork for our next pitched battle with the USCIS; the status change; and i realised that once we submit this application i can leave the country and return with problems. which lifts a heavy burden from my mind. with that in mind i`ve been trying to price fares for a jaunt home; so i can see my girls, the boy chick can meet and charm his extended family; but the fares are ridiculous. the cheapest fare i found for Christmas has us changing planes three times and cost $635 each. you could buy a car for that. i can always magic cheap fares for everyone but somehow it never works for me, but we`ll see how things develop for the rest of this year.

i wasn’t around earlier because i was doing other stuff (no i haven’t gotten a life all of a sudden), it’s tuesday, and it’s may. therefore, the penultimate episodes of gilmore girls and smallville.

now that they are over, i can return to my other life online. i’m not going to be here for very long, vic isn’t online and i’m a worry wort.

so here is the news in brief:

for us here in the caribbean and east cost of the us (best viewed on thursday) – the total lunar eclipse

and then there is this tidbit – there are no WMD in iraq (all of those who knew that all those months ago – say ‘aye’)

and finally some entertainments from dan savage

there will be more tomorrow, but i’m tired and worried about my wife.
thank you and good night.

i try not to be a chauvanist bastard. and looking at me on a day to day basis i may not seem like much of a fashion maven but guess what i am. scuffy at work, but debonair and dashing when i need to. 🙂

anyway the point of this is, it’s always a pleasure to see well attired people but why spoil it with VPL. i think my problem with it now, is the multiplicity of choices… thongs, boxers, bikinis, tangas, hip huggers, string panties, nothing even. but VPL needs to be banished.

my friend karen has even started the BTPM – burn the panty movement. so i’m not alone here.

so i’ve calmed down considerable, but i still need to figure out a way to vent. i’m still a little to edgy.

it’s time to get a new tattoo, i’m working on a design that extends from my left breast, round my neck to my right shoulder blade. this is going to be last piece for a while but i still have the waves at the base of the spine to finish and i have a general idea what i want but the design isn’t quite coming together yet.

well it’s tuesday night and the wb becons.

so i live with my dear sainted mother (her opinion, not mine), don’t get me wrong, i love her but oh lord i don’t like some of her ways. anyway my mother’s skill base does not include domestic goddess. accountant extraordinaire, wonderful organiser but not a domestic goddess.

what does this have to do with ordering you ask?

well my mother’s kitchen…

how do i put this… it’s a disaster area, it requires divine intervention…

i can and like to cook but the kitchen scares me, so i live on take in, but it gets really troubling when my number comes up in the computer and they know what i want to order and i have conversations with the delivery drivers.

that seems like a sign i should cut back, but what are my options really, even if i add up all the money i spend on ordering food it’s still cheaper than having someone come in and remodel the kitchen and besides it would take my mother about a week to return it to it’s current state.

now that i’ve gotten that off my chest, it’s back to charmed and alias later.

yes, i’m still sitting in front of the tv, the joys of laptop computing.


a day late…

i would have posted last night after my wonderful day, but the server was down, apparently technical difficulties abound. everywhere.

so yesterday i went to see a client in the morning and he stiffed me, not completely but we’ll see how long he takes to pay off the balance on his account.

but that wasn’t the important part of the day i spent all afternoon and some of the night in the company of friends i went to k & l’s 3rd anniversary luncheon and beach lime. congrats guys. it was great, the food was good, the shit talk was good, the company was great and i hadn’t been to the beach so long. it was beautiful, the water was cold (ideal in this heat) and i sat and watched the sun set from the beach and lay there and watched the stars come out one by one. there is a beauty to starlight that we miss in our well lit homes. sigh. all in all it was rejuventating. i felt a sense that all was right in the world.

which brings us to today. i’m still on the high from yesterday, i’m hoping that it holds (if not i’ve got half a bottle of my good friend jack to keep my bouyant) i’m still fighting the cold and now i’m dealing with all the insects bites that i got last night. so i’ve spent most of the day, lazing about, watching mind numbing tv, i should be doing something productive, but you what, i don’t feel like.

tomorrow school reopens here meaning that getting to and from work is going to be that much more difficult, but tomorrow is another day, i’m off to watch disney channel’s kim possible, i’ll be back later if anything of interest comes up, otherwise see you tomorrow.

not the best way to wake up… i have a headache and my chest hurts from all this coughing and as much as i’d like to sit around and watch samauri jack and kids wb this morning i have to go see a client.

but my afternoon should be great, i’m going to the anniversary lunch of a gay couple i know and then we’re off to the beach. i haven’t been to the beach in a really long time, which is really sad for someone living on a tropical island, but thems the breaks really.

until later i bid you all a fond farewell

btw yesterday (friday), there were an amazing (revised final tally) 71 visitors, all i can say is wow, thank you for coming.

day six (edited)

April 13, 2003 — Leave a comment

today has been a very relaxing and enjoyable day. finished the ‘his dark materials’ series, just started a gift from my wife – a richard brautigan trilogy, it had been languishing at the bottom of a box of books she sent me. i love discovering new book. the SK has taken a back seat for the moment.

moving on…

it’s hot as hell, it’s night and it’s still in the 30s, is it the end of the world?

i used to worry about the future of the country/planet, but of late, i’ve met quite a few people, young and not so young who have rekindled my little faith in humanity. congrats to all of my new friends. you know who you are.

on another unrelated note…
samauri jack rocks. it’s quite possibly one of the best animated series on television. yes i’m a cartoon watcher. avid too. you have a problem with that?

anyway, i have a good book calling me.

day two

April 9, 2003 — Leave a comment

why is it the more channels you have the less you have to watch

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