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whether you`re just starting out or you`ve had your dreadlocks for sometime there are a couple of fundamental rules, we hope by committing them to paper they will make things clearer for you.

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a bipartisan look at the major lies coming out of both camps this election cycle.

and some interesting insight from dan savage

nine months, one week

September 8, 2008 — 1 Comment

nine months, one week – just about enough time for me to have been pregnant. but this isn’t about an addition, it’s actually a subtraction, i shaved.

for the first time since november 1, 2007, i am clean-shaven. it wasn’t planned. i was trying to neaten up, had an oops moment and decided that it would be a good time to start over. besides, i haven’t had a single donation to my fund-a-stache in five months.

clean-shaven for the first time since november 1

clean-shaven for the first time since november 1

it’s kind of liberating, considering i’ve had some sort of consistent facial hair growth for almost a year. the ‘stache and beard will be back but i think i may enlist some professional help for the grooming. anyone know a good barber?

Politics is the Art of Controlling your Environment
That is one of the key things I learned in these years, and I learned it the hard way. Anybody who thinks that “it doesn’t matter who’s Presided” has never been Drafted and sent off to fight and die in a vicious, stupid War on the other side of the World? Or been beaten and gassed by the Police for trespassing on public property?or been hounded by the IRS for purely political reasons?or locked up in the Cook County Jail  with a broken nose and no phone access and twelve perverts wanting to stomp your ass in the shower. That is when it matters who is President or Governor or Police Chief. That is when you will wish you had voted.

Hunter S. Thompson

mic check

September 3, 2008 — Leave a comment

I’m at the claims office waiting to give the adjustor my police report and took a moment to test of wordpress iPhone app. I have to say I’m pretty impressed. I can tag and add categories and it’s taken less than 90 seconds to get most of this text typed.

this make actually get me posting more often because I can write as I think about it, save a draft and come back to it later and just post and edit later.

oh technology, thou art sweet.

joining the fray

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Ventura County Star, August 3, 2008

Ventura County Star, August 3, 2008