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it’s hard to believe that she’s been here three weeks but she has and tomorrow afternoon she begins the first leg of her journey home. there is already a pallor over the house. the boy chick is loathe to lose his partner in crime and near constant companion and i know exactly how he feels. there was a different tone to the house over the last three weeks and i’m going to miss it.

 Post Dinner Glow


here is a photo of us on Sunday morning after a trip down the Buffalo river and staying up late to watch the Perseid meteor show. we’re a lot more exhausted and in pain than we’re letting on.

i’m going to be even more conspicuously absent than i’ve been with the arrival of my younger daughter later today. she’s going to spend the next three weeks here and i’m looking forward to it.

there are pictures of the revised office bedroom, here.  thank you and good night. remember to tip your waitress.