if sitcoms were reduced to sound bites no one would watch

February 9, 2005 — Leave a comment

the radio stations here in Nashvegas that advertise the night`s upcoming sitcoms with these little sound bites. based on the little snippets and the canned laughter, it`s a wonder anyone watches television at all. but then my sense of humour is considered dark and obscure in some circles and downright evil in others.

today is the beginning of the lenten season and even though i don`t make new year`s resolutions, the lapsed Catholic in me seems determined to continue the tradition of giving something up for lent. i can`t remember what i gave up for lent last year, or if it was one of those good intentions that got lost in the midst of the migration.

it`s hard to believe that it`s been almost a year since i got here, time flies when you`re having fun. i`ve been going over the paperwork for our next pitched battle with the USCIS; the status change; and i realised that once we submit this application i can leave the country and return with problems. which lifts a heavy burden from my mind. with that in mind i`ve been trying to price fares for a jaunt home; so i can see my girls, the boy chick can meet and charm his extended family; but the fares are ridiculous. the cheapest fare i found for Christmas has us changing planes three times and cost $635 each. you could buy a car for that. i can always magic cheap fares for everyone but somehow it never works for me, but we`ll see how things develop for the rest of this year.

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