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i wasn’t around earlier because i was doing other stuff (no i haven’t gotten a life all of a sudden), it’s tuesday, and it’s may. therefore, the penultimate episodes of gilmore girls and smallville.

now that they are over, i can return to my other life online. i’m not going to be here for very long, vic isn’t online and i’m a worry wort.

so here is the news in brief:

for us here in the caribbean and east cost of the us (best viewed on thursday) – the total lunar eclipse

and then there is this tidbit – there are no WMD in iraq (all of those who knew that all those months ago – say ‘aye’)

and finally some entertainments from dan savage

there will be more tomorrow, but i’m tired and worried about my wife.
thank you and good night.

he he. too much star trek.

in further geek news… the matrix reloaded opens a month from today.

anyway back to smallville.

a fond adieu to you all.