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vic is more than a little upset about the shooting at the UU church in knoxville. it was her spiritual home while she lived in knoxville, i believe she knew of the people that died and in the week just after 9/11, it was one of the places she felt safe. now a little bit of that sanctuary has been taken away.
one of the reasons i love vic is her faith in humanity and it’s saddens me to see her hurt like this.

i’m a bit of a cynic and there is very little in the news that surprises me, but still i’m finding it more and more difficult, as i follow this story in various media, to remain calm. in the light of this tragedy there are people that are saying that they brought this on themselves. the implication that someone deserves to be shot because their morality isn’t the same as your sickens me.

a man made the ultimate sacrifice yesterday, he gave his life to save others and it angers me that it’s being belittled by people who clearly have no concept of what christianity is. if you claim to be a christian and can’t find compassion in your heart then you’re missing the point. the most basic tenet of christian, to love one another, seems to be getting left by hate-mongers who insist on placing divisive dogma and their petty conception of god ahead of all else.

actually help some other people out. moustache may has come and gone and not one person has contributed to my fund-a-stache, although, it should be said it didn’t do much to promote it. i was busy, i had a lot to do, blah, blah, blah. now it’s the beginning of july, i’m issuing a challenge – i will trim a portion of the ‘stache off for every $100 raised so that by the time i’m close to $500 goal i will be left with a ‘chaplin,’ now who wouldn’t pay to see that. conversely you can donate to ensure that the ‘chaplin’ doesn’t ever happen. ask captain planet used to say, the choice is yours. and to add to the challenge i’m willing to do stupid ‘stache tricks to ensure that i reach the goal, donate and leave a message with your request.

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