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Black beats blue every time

January 30, 2023

I have a lot of thoughts about the latest state sanctioned execution. But the one that is foremost in my mind is the complete lack of support for the accused officers. The officers were fired summarily, there was no outcry from the police union. The usual “law and order” types were not on every station parroting their message of compliance.
It got me wondering, what the difference was?

Was it the body camera footage?
Nope, we’ve had body camera footage before.
Was it the callousness of the act?
Nope, sad to say, we’ve had more callous acts caught on camera.

I cannot put my finger on what the… oh wait.. I think I got it

The police are the enforcement arm of class supremacy. They exist to keep people (not merely non-white people but all people without power and money) under control. As evidenced by a number of Supreme Court rulings, the police are not there for you not matter your skin color. However as with all other structures tarred with the white supremacy brush, it disproportionately affects non-white people and allows white people to think they have nothing to worry about because the enforcers look like them.

The fundamental reason there has been no outcry from the “thin blue line”crowd or a vehement defense from the police union (local or national) is the blue shield is not meant for minority officers. They would like to believe by joining with the overseers they would have the same protections but there is never going to be enough room under there for them.

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