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i’ve never been big on team sports because fundamentally i’m not a people person. i was also the fat kid for a while so i didn’t get picked for shit. at the onset of puberty i got tall and thin but i’d already been burned so i took up distance running and i like it. you kept your own counsel and you were entirely motivated and driven by yourself. i like it so much i ran and 5k and 10k races, the one thing they don’t tell you about road running is how much it destroys your knees. and that when i stopped besides this long before the ipod when sony walkmen was still ridiculously expensive and the only thing accompanying your run was the sound of your own laboured breathing. this weekend was the country music half and full marathon and i’m seriously considering participating next year. i don’t have anywhere near the body i had in my late teens and early twenties and my knees are likely to hate me for months after, but i’ve never done a half marathon and i don’t have to run all 13 miles. we’ll see.

when i first started this post i was planning on talking about the sports that i watch on television and some how got sidetracked. i am first and foremost a formula one fan. forget nascar, forget irl, this is a good as it gets in motor-racing. i get up early or stay up late to watch races and qualifying, i’ve stuck by my team through thick and thin although during my current fandom, my team has done pretty well. there are two comparisons i like to draw between formula 1 and all other sports particularly in the last year. the first was the patriots got caught and fined for cheating about the same time as mclaren (one of the premiere teams in f1), the patriots fine? $500K and a first round draft pick. construed by most as a slap on the wrist. mclaren’s file? $100M which includes a portion of their tv revenues as well as their race winnings and forfeit of their constructor points for the season (effectively putting them in the worst garage at each event). f1 doesn’t operate in half measures.
the other comparison was the weekend nascar got cancelled in richmond because of rain, f1 was racing in japan, wait for it, in the rain. open wheel racing, 20 odd inches off the ground races in the rain, but stock cars can’t race in the rain, there is a disconnect somewhere.

i am also without shame an oakland raiders fan. i have been for over a decade. i’d never seen a game, i’d never seen a uniform and all my information about the team was based on the writings of hunter s. thompson and i was hooked. i actually watched the superbowl in ’01 i think and wrote about it here (somewhere in the archives, too lazy to look) for the singular reason that they were play. ‘football’ amuses me, because i grew in a country where we play rugby which makes this bunch of well padded athletes look like a bunch of pansy waists, but still i’m fascinated by this team run by a man who marches to the beat of his own drum come hell or high water.

the thrill of victory

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last weekend saw the last race of the 2007 formula 1 season and it was fantastic. i’ll rarely watch sports on TV, if it’s on i’ll watch enough to keep track, otherwise i don’t generally set out to specific sporting events other than the Olympics and recently NFL football. but my one true sporting passion is formula 1. i’ve stayed up until the wee hours to watch races on the other side of the globe, i’ve been late because of qualifying and best of all, i’m made my family fans.

at the end of the 2006 season when 7 time world champion Michael Schumacher retired, i wondered what the 2007 season would bring. new drivers, new teams and a whole lot of title contenders. the 2007 season was not a disappointment, despite all the off track shenanigans, it was just amazing. at least two races decided by the weather, spectacular crashes and the drivers’ championship down to the wire, what was there not to love?

the coverage this season was lot better than the last. in the us, Formula 1 is broadcast on Speed TV, the practice sessions, the qualifying and with exception of four, all the races of the 2006 and 2007 season. in an effort to bring the sport to the masses, CBS tried in 2006 and Fox in 2007 to broadcast races on their respective networks. good idea, bad execution. both attempts boiled down to one fundamental problem, by forcing the broadcast team to explain the sport to viewers unaccustomed to it, they were alienating the core audience that knows how it works and really just want watch the race. the constant explanations, the firm grasp of the obvious was just irritating. combine that with trying to cram what is normally a three hour broadcast into two hours and broadcast times that fit network schedule and not necessarily a live broadcast, the recipe for disaster is complete.

Formula one returns to Speed TV next March (hopefully). 

find the other half of the cable guys here.

no, i’m not in jail

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i did finally get paid late yesterday afternoon. got my cheque and my severance letter and another letter indicating their desire to have me freelance. so there was no need for me to run amok.

what can i say, i`m a sucker for punishment. i`m there on monday. it`s not really that, but our current financial situation is such that i can`t afford a week without income.

if they are paying me what i ask, i think i can get by on going into the office three days a week.

the rest of yesterday evening was great, i sat around with the people i do like from the office had a few drinks, which then dovetailed into a spectacular evening of pool and drinking.

in formula one news, i`m being to think bernie ecclestone, controls the weather. in a qualifying made more interesting by weather, schu who is a point away from winning his 6th world champion qualified 14th out a field of 20. this is going to make for a very interesting race. just need to stay up. the race is in japan, so live coverage starts at 1am

i am not euro trash

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a friend of mine once told me that the difference between nascar and formula one fans is in the quality of the inbreeding. i resent that.

i love formula one racing. not nascar, not irl, not formula 3000, nothing else. well, world rally championship, but my passion is formula one.

i got hooked as an adult three years ago in london. it was either formula one or footy on the telly on a damp sunday afternoon. yes they tended to be damp most of the time, but i had no company, no money and no interest in leaving the house. so i started watching the german grand prix and i`ve only missed a couple a couple of the races [well on television at least] since then.

i`ve been up at 2am to catch qualifying rounds from malaysia, raced home from formal dinners to catch the race from australia. i enjoy the racing. man and machine going around some of the most interesting of locations in the world at speed exceeding 200mph. what is there not to like?

when there is racing in europe, i need to get up early on a saturday [for qualifying] and sunday [race day] mornings, no matter what i did the night before.

this morning was no different, well it was. there was no racing. i forgot that there is a three week break between races. i never did manage to get back to sleep and that would explain the incoherence of this post.

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safe harbour

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my boss is out today and i have fuck all to do. sweet. and no i didn`t kill her nor did i arrange to have her killed.

i continue to be on an even keel, even with all the bitching and moaning i`ve been doing. i don`t feel overwhelmed by it all. i`ve got problems but for the next couple of days at least they`re not going to get the best of me.

still unable to track down a non professional volleyball club, i`m thinking about doing tai chi. i don`t want to learn to hurt any in a physical manner, i think i have far too much experience at mental and emotional damage to add physical to my list of sins.

my thoughts are a little helter-skelter this morning, bear with me while i sort it out. i`m trying to budget money, i don`t have. it`s the fourth of the month and i don`t have money to get me through the weekend, far less the rest of the month.

i try not to stress about money. i try to work on the principle that when i need it, it will come to me. but days like today trying to plan out bill payments and paying what i owe, i wonder if i need to be more aggressive with the people that owe me.

sometimes is fast and hard and other times you have use slow gentle strokes. i`m beginning to learn the difference [on the pool table], i managed to hold my own against PT tonight. even though she can with her own stick, she kept breaking with mine.

coming home tonight the moon is waxing, it`s not quite full, but it`s bright and beautiful out. i must be feeling better, for the first time since vic left, i feel tingly, not intensely so, just an appreciation of the night and my own skin.

it`s 1:30 and i`m about to fall asleep face first on the keyboard, i`ll be back later. ciao.

so the kayaking didn’t acutally happen first thing this morning… the RSH didn’t show up til almost 10 and by that time we were all starving. who all you ask? the usual suspects – RSH, nance and naim. we went to the bight, had brunch, which was only spoiled by our truly rude and horrendous waitress, i loathe bad service. but we hung about anyway, play pool while RSH, went home to drop something. i lost every single game, my god. i just couldn’t get it together. tonight is the full moon but  gratefully i seemed to have avoided the emotional rollercoaster. i think all my energies are focussed on vic’s imminent arrival.
now where was i? oh yeah the kayaking, i kayaked for the first time today. i used to row, but kayaking is a completely a horse [or well a boat] of a different colour, it took me a while to get the whole forward momentum thing and while laughing at naim capsizing his kayak, i capsized mine, it was hard enough getting into the kayak at the water’s edge, it was even worse in the water. between karen and the guys in the boat who were laughing their ass off my predicament, i managed to get back in the kayak and sometime later back to shore. in the process i managed to lose my new cute slippers but all in all today has been a great, relaxing and all around enjoyable day. i’m sitting at nance’s on my machine [i stopped home to get it] nance has cool shit on her machine, a lot of which has been copied to my computer to sort out later.

and this pretty much covers the days activities. next sunday vic is going to meet the girls and my mother. somehow i think my achy arms is going to be the least of the worries. i’m just exaggerating, i think it’s going to be fine.

karen is ready to depart, so i’ll wrap this now. adieu

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i fell asleep early last night which in retrospect is a good thing.  tonight is the pride party and these things usually go on til the wee hours of the morning. my plan for today is kind of laid back, drop off some stuff, come home and do some more work on the corporate identity, no massive amounts of blogging today.

i just finished watching the final qualifying for the french grand prix. after the amazing stories in the prequalifying, today’s session was quite tame. it’s interesting to see michael schuemaker struggling for position in what is one of the fastest cars on the track. the new rules for this season have made it quite interesting.

anyway i need to get cracking on some paying work. i’ll be back later.

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happy father’s day to all the fathers, expectant fathers, single moms, gay couples. anyone raising children. here’s to you.

yesterday was lovely, i joined the library. didn’t borrow anything though, i got my hair washed and basically did fuck all for the entire day. meaning all the shit i was supposed to do yesterday, i have to do today.

go see the children (hey i got gifts to collect), scout locations and get some ink. all of this around the canadian grand prix today. got to have some constants in my life (and i use the term loosely.)

in the mean time here are some links of interest (well i was going to post some links but everything was far too depressing for a sunday morning.)

i’m going to perform the morning ablutions and when i return i’ll make another attempt at posting links. ciao.

i am back

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almost 24 hours. i’m so proud of myself. actually i’ve been logged on for almost two hours, but i’ve been catching on mail and other news, here are some links of interest… 

game for all my wordsmith friends 

ok so i broke the resolution about the tests. far too funny not to – how dodgy are you? 


Alright geezer! Fancy yourself as a bit tasty? It may be against the law, but what they don’t know won’t hurt ‘em eh? We know your heart’s in the right place… but watch out or that place may be a 3 to 5 stretch in Pentonville with ‘Mad’ Frank, Harry the Horse and ‘Wristy’ Rich Richardson. 

Based on your answers, we have calculated the maximum penalty for your crimes*: 
Years in prison: 83
Potential fine: £5000 

and to compromise here is a fresh link about sexuality – a few words on sex (la times, you have to register but it’s free) 

formula 1 today was fun, not as exciting, the drivers and constructors championship is still up in the air (newly scoring structure, making every race worth the points) and it’s interesting to watch ferarri struggle (the conspiracy theorist in me wonders if they haven’t been issued instructions on high to hold off on their winning ways to make the season more interesting – which it has been so far) 
although michael schumacher (ferarri lead driver and 5 time world champ for those of you who don’t know) has shown that he’s not infallible, his calm under pressure; in spain, the fuel nozzle caught fire, just behind his right shoulder, his only acknowledgement of this, was wiping the flame retardent off his visor and having to make another pitstop (he went on to win); is one of the reasons he’s still only four points off the drivers championship and still likely to win his 6th world championship this season. 

i also saw pieces of about a boy on cable this weekend (the middle and the end, not the beginning) and am now dying to re-read it. i have how to be good here, so i’ll make do with it. 

speaking of books, here is my amazon wishlist. 

i’m off to ponder my finances, btw if anyone knows how to add what music you’re listening to the contents of the blog, pls message me… thanks