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as both the inheritor and progenitor of callipygean goodness, i`m always fascinated and appreciative of it.
and now i`ll share my appreciation with you. not necessarily safe for work.
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black & white

July 8, 2005 — Leave a comment

from Renee Cox`s Yo Mama`s Last Supper

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visual stimuli

June 24, 2005 — Leave a comment

“The Human Genome Project found that the difference between the races is minuscule (0.01%) compared with the difference between the sexes (1-2%).”

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i was thinking recently i had not linked any images in a long time and lo and behold nerve linked to a gallery by Leonard Nimoy for his second book which features the women of the Fat Bottom Review.

of girls and women

February 23, 2005 — Leave a comment

i live in a town with at least two major college campuses which means there is no shortage of nubile young bodies on display, however i`ve come to realise that i prefer my eye candy, mature.

the most attractive and interesting women i`ve seen have been mothers. they are for the most part comfortable in their own sexuality and their own bodies. there is none of this need to show off their new bodies to every passer-by.

maybe i`m weird but i don`t see the fascination and fixation on young girls. or maybe it`s because i have daughters, i`d like my eye candy to be outside their age group and that of their idols.

there is also something to be said for the curves of womanhood. i like women lush and curvy which is not something you see in the average college student, i think it`s something that comes with motherhood.

more than 1000 words

February 11, 2005 — Leave a comment

the winners of the World Press Photo of the Year have been announced

Indian photographer Arko Datta of Reuters is the winner of this year’s World Press Photo of the Year award.

His picture of an Indian woman mourning a relative killed in the Asian tsunami was taken in Tamil Nadu on 28 December.

Kathy Ryan, photo editor for the New York Times Magazine and one of the competition`s judges, described Datta`s image as “graphic, historical and starkly emotional”.

Here we present a selection of the winning entries.

from the BBC

i got this picture from nerve`s advent calendar.
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worth a thousand words

December 2, 2004 — Leave a comment

i`ve been looking at a lot of photos; for work, for my own edification; and thinking i need to start taking photos again, it doesn`t even have to be digital, although the instant gratification is nice. i`ve been thinking for a long time about doing some nudes and here are some of the photos that have brought the thought of renting a camera and some lights to fore recently. some of them are entirely unsafe for work.
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mead & mammaries

July 16, 2004 — Leave a comment

it`s friday, which at this locale means beer in two hours and nerve has an entire gallery dedicated to those instigators of all that is evil and wrong in this world; breasts.
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