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a day late…

i would have posted last night after my wonderful day, but the server was down, apparently technical difficulties abound. everywhere.

so yesterday i went to see a client in the morning and he stiffed me, not completely but we’ll see how long he takes to pay off the balance on his account.

but that wasn’t the important part of the day i spent all afternoon and some of the night in the company of friends i went to k & l’s 3rd anniversary luncheon and beach lime. congrats guys. it was great, the food was good, the shit talk was good, the company was great and i hadn’t been to the beach so long. it was beautiful, the water was cold (ideal in this heat) and i sat and watched the sun set from the beach and lay there and watched the stars come out one by one. there is a beauty to starlight that we miss in our well lit homes. sigh. all in all it was rejuventating. i felt a sense that all was right in the world.

which brings us to today. i’m still on the high from yesterday, i’m hoping that it holds (if not i’ve got half a bottle of my good friend jack to keep my bouyant) i’m still fighting the cold and now i’m dealing with all the insects bites that i got last night. so i’ve spent most of the day, lazing about, watching mind numbing tv, i should be doing something productive, but you what, i don’t feel like.

tomorrow school reopens here meaning that getting to and from work is going to be that much more difficult, but tomorrow is another day, i’m off to watch disney channel’s kim possible, i’ll be back later if anything of interest comes up, otherwise see you tomorrow.