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just some links, i thought might be of interest: 

dissent in the ranks 

McD sues food critic 

masturbation in literature 

st gallen museum (switzerland) reveals the art of striptease 

and that is your news in brief. i’m heading off to dinner, and gasp, i’ll be away from an internet connection for at least 14 hours. however will i survive? only time will tell, i’ll fill you in on the details tomorrow. 

good night and be safe out there.


and i’ve decided no more tests, at least for the next couple of days. 

but i’ve decide to scope far and wide online (well dazereader,the reverse cowgirl’s blog (not linking again, backtrack through the posts, it’s there somewhere) and some of my other usual haunts (can’t tell you everything, or why else would you come back)) for links to the erotic, sexual and the arousing – to inform, to educate and of course to make you incredibly aroused 

here is the first in the series – Khajuraho, the temples of love (only spoiled by the annoying midi file in the background) 

oh another breaking news story – iraq intel deliberately skewed 

and now back to your regularly scheduled blog…

i am finally home, at least for a bit after one of the best parties i’ve been to since… (well at least since the last poolside crew party). i had a blast, we didn’t leave til almost 5am and by the time all the dropping home was done, i was staggering through the door around 5:40 and the sun was already up. the music was great (can you imagine being a party and not hearing any of the same music twice in 6 hours; it’s a great feeling), the company was fantastic and the behaviour completely licentious (and i still got away with my virtue intact – thanks k.) one of the joys of psc parties, is they generally end at 5am, but at about 4, the dj seems to kick it into a higher gear, encouraging you to stay and shake your booty until the very last nanosecond.

the tattoo is off today, not only am i completely exhausted, my tattoo guy darren has car (actually truck) trouble and is waiting on a mechanic.

i am so tired but between the two cat naps i took, after arriving home,( i had to drop the car for my ex brother in law for 7am) and waiting for a ride back home (never showed, so i just got a taxi home).

i’m here checking my mail and leaving voicemail for vic to let her know i survived the night, then i’m going to get some sleep, although day sleep does nothing for me, i think it has something to do with the light, i may as well just stay up, go to the dinner party tonight and turn in early tomorrow evening.

i’ll post again when i’m fed and a little more rested

part of the nerve sex and drugs issue

the link is here

i really should get a life or some friends. i get up and walk away but i’m drawn back here. sigh. i came across the quizdiva link on another blog (the questions are geared towards women, but why should they have all the fun), so i took a couple of more quizzes (no guarantees on the results) and did some light reading and came across this link:  

a short cultural history of the wedding band 

and now without further ado, the results to even more quizzes: 

giving head 

Your Tongue’s Talent is Giving Head!

Your thick, wide tongue is the perfect size and shape for giving him pleasure. Not to mention, you know just how to work all the curves. You’ll do just about anything to make others happy, and when you’re uncomfortable, you don’t like to say so. So that probably means your mouth is starting to get worn out. Slow down, and learn how to speak your mind! You’d be most compatible with a Nipple Sucker. They’re sure to give you the attention you so desperately need. You’ve been giving everything for so long that you forgot what’s it’s like to be pleasured. It’s time for you to lay back and get licked. 

What’s Your Tongue’s Talent? 
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banana condom 

You Are A Banana Flavored Condom!

Hot, wild, and overtly sexual. 
Your over the top style is loved by some, hated by others – but never ignored. 
Once lovers taste your flavor, they always crave *more*! 
What Flavor Condom Are *You*? 
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upside down 69 

Your Sex Position is Upside Down 69

Daring. Dangerous. And oh so tasty. 
You go crazy when you go south – 
And you love getting it in the mouth. 
What’s Your Sex Position? 
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very horny 

You Are Very Horny

Your sex drive catchs you in a trap! 
You want to be sensible and sexy, but it’s hard to be both! 
You are a horny chick riding on a derailed speeding train. 
Chances are your body will win out over your mind, and you’ll let your sexual spirit free. 
Sure your sexuality has caused a bit of drama, but what’s live without the drama? 
You have come a long way, though, and it never hurts to travel a bit more! 
How Horny Are You? 
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Half arch 
Weird curved notched thing 

You’re this weird curved bar with a tiny flat plate 
with a single peg. No one really knows what to 
do with you, and usually end up trying to throw 
you into some avant-garde looking thing where 
you stick out like one of a dozen sore thumbs. 

What Lego piece are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

hot and sticky

May 30, 2003 — Leave a comment

it’s been raining on and off all day but it hasn’t done anything for the temperature. i frolicked in the rain a little earlier, which was fun, now i’m sitting in front of a fan, while i try to find some degree of inspiration for this logo… still no dice.

so i come here to my daily addiction, i’m missing vic, but i know she’s safe and with the phone bill i already have for the month, i’ll have to sell one of the children pretty soon. k just dropped the tickets for tonight and i’m pretty exicted about the party, i usually don’t get this excited about going out, but tonight feels good or am i just salivating over the prospect of more work on my tattoo tomorrow. i keep looking at the picture of the work done so far and realise all the pain, the itching is going to be worth it.

the annual report project is back like a bad rash, apparently it printed like shit, the colour was off and guess what…
i’m getting blamed. when i signed on for the project, i was told it was a mouse jockey job, i said ok, cause i needed the money. why am i being taken to task because the person who actually took the job:

1. didn’t check the colour swatch (as i instructed) against the stock
2. never checked the job on the press (now how obvious is that)

which brings me to how is this my fault? i  produced the job, didn’t pick the printer or the stock and gave fairly striahgforward instuctions. wait, i took one thing for granted… they knew what they were doing. oh dear, silly me. i asked to see a copy of the report to see what can be done at this stage, not because i care, but because the sooner it’s presentable and approved by the people who sign the chqs, the sooner i get paid.

i still haven’t been able to get in contact with my ride for tonight which is a little worrying not because i can’t get there on my own, but i’d rather not have to worry about it.

i’m off to be all girly in the interim and plan what i’m wearing and decide if to wash my hair or not. i have a 2 hour window before my hair will not dry.


today is indian arrival day in trinidad, although i actually call it ‘arrival day’ for all the pretenious, gauche, nouveau riche, skimming, scheming, pilfering audi/bmw/mecredes/quarter million minimum imported car of choice (exchange rate is $6TT= $1US, you do the math), politicians, ex-politicians, businessmen, no talent hacks, asslicking corporate climbers, back-squeezing cheapass-pearls before swine-clients… 

you have ‘arrived’ and this is your day.

now that i’ve gotten that out of the way, here is our guest commentary, all the way from brighton:

Indian Arrival Day is today. Wow, shouldn’t that be a mega-celebration, a smorgasbord of cultural celebration?
I wish for one Arrival Day someone will have the bright idea of bringing real live Indians to collaborate with the Indians in Trinidad so that they would figure out that their concept of Indian-ness is archaic and totally irrelevant. Ditto African Emancipation Day.
My biggest beef is that on Emancipation Day, the winner always seems to be the Syrians because of the brisk trade they do in mock-African material.
Amazingly, if most Indians stepped into Delhi, they would feel as Indian as I would. It’s like the way you feel when you meet an African, or to be more specific, a Nigerian and they go on spouting some of the most narrow-minded stuff and you instantly realise that the only thing you guys share in common is the high tolerance for sunshine.

thank you franka. (the views expressed are those of the author and totally supported by me.)

in other news, vic is almost safely at her destination, and seems in good spirits. i seem to be as well, i’ve got the house to myself and i’m getting ready to deal with a logo design job, that has been lurking for far too long. then tonight, it’s party time. but fear not, i’ll be back before then.


more idle test taking: 

from  You are worth exactly: $1,883,300.00. 

the death test: February 2, 2044 at the age of 72 years old. 

the sex test: You are 92% sexy. 

sexual personalityZeta-ETDN-10

Your sexual personality is determined by your sexual persona (Zeta), 4 sexual scales (Emotional/Physical, Look/Touch, Daring/Modest, Verbal/Non-verbal), and your libido score (10). 

As a Zeta, the high degree of confidence you feel around your sexuality matches your level of experience. Your sexual confidence and awareness are particularly high, but your sex appeal is somewhat lower. 

that ends my test taking for tonight. need to save some for tomorrow and the days to follow.

thanks quizilla for taking up an hour of an otherwise boring afternoon 

You are Neo 
You are Neo, from “The Matrix.” You display a perfect fusion of heroism and compassion. 
What Matrix Persona Are You? 
brought to you by Quizilla 

Romantic movie! You probably won’t star in a porno 
anytime soon. You seem to be really into the 
whole “love” thing…romantic sex 
with perfumed sheets and candles all over the 
place. You’re probably a hopeless romantic. You 
value sex and respect your partner too much to 
do anything like porn. AWWWWWW! 

What kind of porno would you star in? 
brought to you by Quizilla 

lip kiss 
kiss on the lips – you’re sweet and simple but 
quite daring. you move for the kill confidently 
knowing the other person wants the same thing. 

What Sign of Affection Are You? 
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What’s Your Personality Type? 
brought to you by Quizilla 

ok, i should stop. some of these quizzes are really fucking stupid and i’m starting to get annoyed.

not the stop and start like it has for the last couple of weeks, the true torrential downpour, the seems like the heavens are crying. i can hear it beating on the roof of the building. constantly, i love that sound but it makes me so sad, i can run out and run about and feel the rain against my face and i can’t curl up in bed and whisper sweet nothings as the rain sounds plays it accompaniment. 

there is still nothing for me to do here at work and my boss has left me in charge, so being the exlemplar, i can’t duck work now, walk home in the rain, dump my wet clothes on the floor and crawl into bed. 

i’m seeing the edge of the black pit of despair and hearing it’s siren song. i should go work on the screenplay as promised, but i don’t have the energy. 

look forward to the weekend a voice in my head whispers (you know you have them too, so don’t give me that look, when you start having conversations with them, then worry), i’m going to a party tomorrow and then going to finish (or at least continue) my tattoo, on saturday. it’s also a f1 weekend, so in all, quite a number of distractions in all. 

that means i just have to get through this afternoon, all day tomorrow. not as easy as it sounds. wait i have a cheesy novel in my bag, aha, the afternoon’s entertainments just presented itself.