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i staying in. even after some soup, i still feel like crap and it`s been raining. i don`t need to push myself.

the part of this flu is the sinus headache. god, how fucking crappy is that? you know the dull throbbing pain, just behind your eyeball. god, even my eyes are running.

i turn into a wimpy, snivelling baby when i get sick and since i have no one to take care of this jibbering mess that i turn into that pisses me off.

both the whininess and the fact that i can`t just curl up in a ball and be sick and someone will take care of me. it`s a vicious circle.

going to keep myself occupied til vic gets online

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with my mood right now, that`s understandable.

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Unconscious Mutterings

Week 30

I say … and you think … ?

  1. Kiss:: vic

  2. Nothing:: ever changes

  3. Reach:: out and touch

  4. Late:: night

  5. Stump:: cricket

  6. Dreams::  lovely

  7. LOL:: laugh out loud

  8. Ornament:: hood

  9. Neck:: frottage

  10. Guitar::air

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i feel like i`ve been hit by a truck and i wasn`t even drinking last night.

and why am i up then? hunger. it`s what drives me. well, i`m not specifying which hunger. all told i feel like shit. my nose is stuffy, my head  hurts and i can`t stop the damn sneezing.

i hate being sick. i get crabby and irritable [well more so than usual] and not a big fan of medication, so i generally ride them out. which means the worst is yet to come. the bright side is that i wont get sick for another year.

i`m going to assuage my hunger and lay on the couch and veg in front of the tv, if i`m inspired i`ll be back

almost as good as sex. not quite, not even close. but pretty much the most fun i had with my clothes on for a while.

poolside knows how to throw parties. [karen we missed you!] i had a blast.  my ears are ringing, i`m hot and sweaty and i had a blast and i`m doing it again tonight. we`ll see how the 3 canal fete fares against this.

time for bed. gnight.

How evil are you?

after a crappy birth night last week, i`m putting on my dancing shoes. tonight is the poolside crew fete and like i`ve said before, those fucking rock, i`m going with people, i`m meeting other people there, but even if i weren`t the music is usually enough to keep me going all night long. last party i was there almost from beginning to end and didn`t hear the same song twice.

i`m still stuffy, as a matter of fact stuffier than before, but i think once i start partying i should be fine. vic asked me to spare my liver and after last night`s drinking i think that`s something i`m going to stick by, just juice and water tonight.

time to go prettify. i`ll post on my return.

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fictional last words

the dante`s inferno test, my results are here

straight eye for the queer guy

scout walker karma sutra

vagina origami

oral [and anal] sex still illegal in NC

idle musings

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What Is Your Battle Cry?

Yea, verily: Who is that, sprinting amidst the mini-mall parking lot! It is Keifel, hands clutching a reflective halberd! And with a mighty bellow, his voice cometh:

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Sexy Saturday question.

Do you shave, trim, wax, or practice any other kind of hair removal `down there`? Have you ever done it just because a partner asked you to? If you haven`t, would you try it?

i trim. just good hygiene and politeness i guess. i`m orally fixated, i wouldn`t want to be choking on excessive hair, so i don`t think anyone else would either.

a late Filthy Friday Five “Still Sadly Obsessed With the VMAs” Version

1. Consider, if you will, Madonna, Britney Spears, and Christina Aguilera. You have to fuck one of them, marry one, and push one off a cliff. Choose.

(I pilfered the marry/fuck/cliff concept for this question from the amazing Bathtub Gin.)

in the order asked: christina, madonna, britney

2. Would you rather be like Gwyneth Paltrow and in a boring (though commited) relationship with a rich rock star, or would you prefer to fuck ONE superhot rocker for one night?

who said a committed relationship had to be boring?

3. Which MTV VJ (from any era) would you be most willing to fuck, and why? If you say “nobody,” your answer will automatically default to “Jesse Camp,” so pick someone.

daisy! daisy! daisy!

4. Is Jack Black attractive to you in any way? If you don`t like guys in general, answer the question as if it said “Pink” instead of “Jack Black.”

i love jack black.

5.  BE HONEST: Would you fuck the Olsen Twins if they were 18 and asked for you by name?

no. not my type


well not really, i`m fighting the cold. but i`m trying some positive reinforcement, cause come hell or high water, i`m partying tonight and tomorrow night too as a matter of fact.

last night was on the whole a good night. i never really realised how much i drink while i`m playing pool til it`s time to go home. i managed to break even again last night. i`m seeing my game improving and i`m proud of myself.

i`m in the office checking up on the presentation material because as much as i hate my job, i will do it to the best of my ability. i need to make some more prints and then it`s home to get some rest.