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actually help some other people out. moustache may has come and gone and not one person has contributed to my fund-a-stache, although, it should be said it didn’t do much to promote it. i was busy, i had a lot to do, blah, blah, blah. now it’s the beginning of july, i’m issuing a challenge – i will trim a portion of the ‘stache off for every $100 raised so that by the time i’m close to $500 goal i will be left with a ‘chaplin,’ now who wouldn’t pay to see that. conversely you can donate to ensure that the ‘chaplin’ doesn’t ever happen. ask captain planet used to say, the choice is yours. and to add to the challenge i’m willing to do stupid ‘stache tricks to ensure that i reach the goal, donate and leave a message with your request.

cough up the monies here to support the galaxy star drug awareness program.