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earlier this month we had a celebration of our almost three year old marriage, we just got most of the pictures

here are a couple of the pictures and the rest of the gallery can be found here:

illegal acts

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from nerve, entirely NSFW.

yesterday was all about the thrill of victory, kicked Halo`s ass, almost got the project i`m working on approved, had a great night with vic and the boychick

this morning, not so good; daylight savings can`t be over too quickly for me, my body has readjusted so i`m up at between 5 and 5:30 and completely unable to go back to sleep. this morning was compounded by the clicking noise coming from my laptop. two laptops and four years later the hard drive is giving up the ghost.

i took out of the laptop this morning and put in an enclosure, i`m hoping now to be able to finish copying all the data off oit before it kicks the bucket, but as i type this, the clicking is back.

i got the critical data, well most of it anyway, i`m just trying to get all the stuff i hadn`t backed up since monday. i`m guessing i`m going to have to do it in stages. my other problem is i don`t have another drive big enough to restore my data to. i have a 10Gb in the other dead laptop, but i`m not sure that even works at this stage and there is no money in the household budget for a replacement in the immediate future.

so this is my humble cry for help; if anyone has a 30GB or larger, 2.5″ notebook drive they would like to donate, please feel free to PM me. i`m thinking about setting up a paypal account, but my plight seems so trivial i don`t know if i should even bother.

edit: i`ve swallowed my pride and there is a button to the right under my profile photo if anyone is so inclined.

when i grow up

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a little old, but oh still so true.

murder, death, kill 2

October 27, 2004

i have finished; i came, i saw, i shot, i kicked Halo`s ass. on legendary no less. i have to say it was a fun and somewhat easy game to play. now i`m just left to wonder how long are we going to have to wait for the OS X port of Halo 2. i see no need to invest in an Xbox, solely for playing Halo 2.

the last time i went to visit my mother in law, at the major intersection of that very tiny town there is a massive billboard for a guy running for state senate, it reads; i`m recalling from memory at this point; sponsored by the NRA, pro-life, anti-gay marriage.

it`s interesting to note that some of the most vocal pro-life advocates are also pro-death penalty? does anyone else sense something ironic about this?

where exactly does the value of life depreciate?

ok, let`s try to get the facts straight, according to the current administration; abortion is wrong, but corporate raiding, the death penalty, torture and revenge killings are ok?

is it me or is there a certain amount of moral incongruity there?

oh sugar, sugar now

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i wrote about a week and a half ago in foodieporn about how much i need that Caribbean washed grey sugar, what i didn`t mention is how much i miss things actually made with real sugar as opposed to high fructose corn syrup.

for those of you that are old enough to remember there was a time when everything sweet was made with real sugar and it was good. in the Caribbean there is no government subsidised corn so everything from soda to candy is still made with real sugar.

there is a certain je ne c`est quoi to a Coca-Cola made with real sugar, unless you`ve had one, it`s kind of hard to explain. there is also no surer way to ruin a good chocolate bar than to use a sugar substitute.

it was one of the first things i noticed when i moved here, everything tasted `different.` i miss the taste of sugar in my vices. it`s not impossible to find it, it`s just extraordinarily difficult. Coke bottles a special variety for Passover with sugar, because corn and by extension corn syrup is not kosher, i`m not sure about the size of Nashville`s Jewish population, but you can be sure i`ll be on the prowl for it closer to Passover. i also discovered if you can find it, Coke from Mexico is made with real sugar, i`ve had it once at a restaurant here and when i went back the next time, they were out.


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there are a lot of genetic traits i`ve inherited from both sides of my family including left-handedness; there was no escaping that one — mother, father, paternal grandmother, maternal grandfather.

now i seem to picking up early greying from my mother. although on end i`m not sure how much of it was completely genetic. when she was 7, she got malaria and they gave her bay rum to drink which turned her hair completely white. before you launch into how barbaric that was, bear in mind this was pre-WWII, there are still no vaccines for malaria, so at that point that old Caribbean adage; “what don`t kill, will fatten” seemed like the most prudent course of action.

as long as i can remember my mother has been grey and for a time she dyed her hair and did the rinses until she realised how attractive she looked with her grey hair. i have just discovered two more  in the front of my dreads to add to small number that`s somewhere in the middle. i`m of the school of `if you pull them, they will call for reinforcements.` i`m curious to see how many more start showing up and with what frequency.

murder, death, kill

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there a great deal of satisfaction found in shooting stuff but since the smell or cordite doesn`t agree with me and i wouldn`t think of having a gun in the house, i have to get this satisfaction in two dimensions.

for the last week and a half i`ve been playing Halo. yes, i`m late with Halo 2 on the horizon, but i haven`t had a machine i could play it on until recently.

i was at the Macworld conference when Halo was initially demoed and even as a batch of screen captures and quicktime movies, it was fantastic and for that brief moment it was ours, a game by a mac company for mac users, then along came M$ with Xbox looking for the ultimate first person shooter and we mac users had to wait three years for a port. but i`m not bitter.

i find it very relaxing and it`s also very familiar. before made Halo and Oni, they were responsible for one of the best series of first person shooters every made on any platform – Marathon.

The master chief of Halo appears to be the same long suffering soldier of Marathon fame, placed hither, thither and yon to do what he does best. the weapons have changed but the level of intelligence require to play hasn`t. Marathon was one of the first games where if you shot a friendly, the rest would either refuse to help or if they were armed, they would shoot back.

i like a game that requires some skill even went all i want to do is vent and blow stuff up.

chew on this

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In a nation ruled by swine, all pigs are upward-mobile — and the rest of us are fucked until we can put our acts together: not necessarily to win, but mainly to keep from losing completely. We owe that to ourselves and our crippled self-image as something better than a nation of panicked sheep.

hunter s. thompson from Generation of Swine

quite an interesting read, particular in reference to the Reagan and Bush sr. administration.

funny how art imitates life.