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quick thought

August 29, 2008 — 1 Comment

why would you spend close to or over $2B, that’s $2,000,000,000 for a job that pays $200,000. there is a fundamental flaw in logic there plus if you think about it for too long you realise at some point, that various makers that make up that money will come due.

these are the thoughts that prevent me from getting to excited this election cycle.

it’s been an interesting couple of days, on saturday i celebrated my 37th birthday and on monday i came home to realise that someone had broken into my house. i’m not quite at the anger stage yet. in all honesty, i’m not sure i’m going to get there. i’m just glad that no one was home or maybe that might have dissuaded them.

it was very methodical but strange robbery, they took the obvious stuff, like the laptops and ipods and the wii, but the keyboards, mice, iphone dock, usb hub, airport express, taking the time to looking for the wiimotes and the games, and turning off the a/c completely baffles me. there is a sense of violation but i feel oddly detached at the moment, i keep thinking it’s just stuff and we’ve got pretty good insurance, not because the electronics in the house but because we’ve got close to 1500 books. electronics can be replaced, signed douglas adams books cannot. i’m taking the morning off to deal with the insurance and alarm people. i’m making an itemised list of the stuff we’re missing and i have to make a couple calls to track down the serial numbers.

i keep wondering if i should be feeling something else besides relief and this absolute calm. i can’t say that i’ve ever been burgled before so there’s no reference. all in all i’m really that upset, it’s inconvenient that i’m using the child’s keyboard and mouse. it’s inconvenient that i’m sharing the desktop with victoria but i’m glad we had a backup of her machine so she can use my machine without any hiccups. speaking of which, based on the last time machine backup, i have a pretty good idea when they broke into the house and i passed that info onto the police. the officer was very nice but pointed out it looked professional. there were no fingerprints and they took high ticket items that were portable, they obviously knew what they were doing.

blame hofmann

August 1, 2008 — 1 Comment

i am exhausted beyond belief. there was a time when i could pull an all night and it would not affect me, those days are long gone, i’m ready to put my head down on my desk and sleep, we’ll see if this holds when i get home.

i’ve had occasion to think about political correctness and more recently i was asked to participate in a diversity and inclusion pilot program. fundamentally a good idea for most people, not so much me, i have real issues with trying to force people to be tolerant of each other. the process started with a questionnaire designed to evaluate how culturally sensitive you are. according to the survey my weak points are diversity related publications (does stuffwhitepeoplelike count?), diversity litigation and how i feel about people.

this question continues to fascinate me – i see people positively. one a scale of 1-5 where 1 = never and 5 = always, i scored it – 1. individuals i’m willing to give some variance and accept on their own recognisance, but people as a whole… the mob mentality equals dangerous. what was the blue oyster cult lyric, when you listen to fools the mob rules. i think it works both ways.