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this april will mark my sixth anniversary of maintaining a blog with five of those being with the recently defunct journalspace. luckily i had most of my entries stored offline as i was trying to migrate them here. there are a lot of people that are not as fortunate.

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what’s next

April 13, 2005 — Leave a comment

today marks the second anniversary of my time here at JS and what a long strange trip it`s been.

i actually started blogging a week earlier at blogspot and somewhat dissatisfied i moved here. i`ve seen people come and go, seen the member rolls grow from 4000+ to whatever epic number they`re at now.

over the course of 2 years and nearly 1200 posts, i`ve participated in quizzes and memes, shared my life down to the tiny, trifling details, i`ve waxed poetic about my love, i`ve railed about the inefficiency of bureaucracy, i`ve bitched about my job; i`ve tried my hand at satire,  voiced my opinions and stood up for what i believe in and i wonder, where do i go from here?

i don`t want to stop but i fear that i may be repeating myself or just unable to articulate some of the thoughts that are bouncing around in my head. i have all these ideas for brilliants post in my mind but the minute i sit in front of the computer the most cohesive portions of those thoughts flee leaving with an outline but no body.

even a post as whiny as this has suffered rewrites and deletions to numerous to mention. writing posts used to be an effortless exercise. thoughts flowed as fast as i could type, driven by some inner need to be exorcised, now i must chase them down, trap and tame them before they lend themselves to be shared.

the surreal life

July 19, 2004 — Leave a comment

i`ve been unduly fascinated by the new HTTP referrers system implemented by JS over the weekend; fascinated in the way we`re drawn to car wrecks.
here is a list of some of the searches that have brought people to my journal over the weekend

breathhold water bdsm

“daily show”
borderline personality
steatopygia pi
advanced cunnilingus
“song lyrics”
promiscuous virgo


and from
rippling labia`s location

new searches added wednesday 21
histrionic personality
good morning america window
white “tight pants” pool “g-string”
“caribbean zen”
“just a tease?” water warm
trip choclate cake [i feel lucky search]
callipygian photos africa
“key art”
“top ten” massage masseur tips
“magical trevor” lyrics
“muckrakers – when i fall”

from some of the search results i can see how they got here, but some of the others were just a confluence of words on the page. this has also somehow propagated a new batch of googlebots hit, so the cycle is going to perpetuate itself now.

Boucher`s The Rape of Europa

Rape and nakedness, I`m going to hell, you can read the sordid tale here.

according to The Art of War it is best to know your enemy and i`ve taken to reading the journal everyday, to keep abreast [oooh, i said breast too, fire and brimstone] of the situation. apparently he`s been getting a lot of hate mail. it`s strange, they mention all the hate and abusive mail they`ve gotten but there is no mention of my careful though out and worded treatise, which you can read here. i`m not surprised, this is how ignorance works, it feeds on itself.

don`t send angry messages, it doesn`t help, it just fuels witch hunts like this. information and logic are the best measures. this particular brand of ignorance has websites like scarleteen blocked by net nanny and the like because they approach the idea of teenagers and sexuality in an open manner.

i`m not invalidating that argument that there are things on JS unsuitable for minors, but JS should be least of the worries of any parent. if the minor is intelligent and precocious enough to get online, i doubt very much they`re going to be heading here to look for inappropriate materials. and if anyone needs to be taken to task it should be the parents of these children. i understand that as a parent you don`t have control of everything your child sees, hears or interacts with, but it is your responsibility as a parent to give you children the tools to deal with these situations. being armed with the right information can help children can make the right decisions.

the key is not waiting until you think they`re the right age. there is no right age. children are intelligent and voracious by nature, they absorb what`s around them, they learn by example and osmosis. part of the job description as a parent is to create an environment that will help them maintain your value system even when they`re not in your presence.

the reason porn is so prevalent is the value we attach to it. the day sexuality and the human body regain their rightful places as a simple part of human development, the sex industry is going to go out of business.

learn something new today, follow the sex education web circle

Soylent Green

May 17, 2004 — Leave a comment

how appropriate, that the morality police should strike in May, it is national masturbation month, obviously this witch hunt is one person`s onanistic endeavour. please don`t sit back and think it`s not your problem. keep this in mind:

In Germany they first came for the Communists,

and I didn`t speak up because I wasn`t a Communist.

Then they came for the Jews,

and I didn`t speak up because I wasn`t a Jew.

Then they came for the trade unionists,

and I didn`t speak up because I wasn`t a trade unionist.

Then they came for the Catholics,

and I didn`t speak up because I was a Protestant.

Then they came for me —

and by that time no one was left to speak up.

Pastor Martin Niemöller

speak up, make your voice be heard. you may not have nudes in your gallery or erotica in your journal, but the first step is always the doozy. if that`s how it begins, how soon do you think before the language we use or the thoughts we express may be suppressed for not fitting someone`s ideal of morality.


a couple people have asked who do we speak to, well i would suggest JS-development, but i`m sure they have their hands full dealing with other stuff. so i`m suggesting you post in your journal a sex positive link and/or a nude photo/illustration/sculpture of a human form, particularly if you are a parent. neither nudity or sexuality are bad things and people need to realise that. the only way to counter this kind of ignorance is through education.

I`m curious what your plan is to get JS management to get around to your way of thinking. I`ve noticed you have comments as well as private messaging disabled from your journal. I am parent and I don`t need your help.

As part of my parental duties, I am responsible for what my children watch, where they surf and I monitor it and take the time to explain why they are not allowed to visit certain sites or watch certain programming. I do a very good job, I don`t your standards of morality imposed on me.

This self righteous crusade on this public forum is unappealing. If you`re worried about what your children are looking at, maybe you should take the time and sit and talk with them and if you have no children and are doing this for the `public good`, maybe you should deal with your own issues in private.

Maybe you should target the parents of the children who are looking at inappropriate material for not supervising their children properly or letting them run wild and blaming someone else.

It`s time for people to wake up and take responsibility for their children, not palm off the behavioural problems they have been encouraging for so long on the internet or television or any one other than themselves.

No amount of individual lawsuits, class actions suits, committees, protests, training camps or censorship is going to stop children from doing inappropriate things, seeing things that you are not ready for them to see unless you teach them better. If they are taught properly, they will more than likely deal with whatever they see, hear, experience in a manner that is appropriate.

A child`s behavioural model rests solely in the hands of the parents. As my mother taught me, it`s not so much delinquent children, it`s delinquent parents.

just an early morning post to test the music feature on JS.

i’m trying not to be exceptionally late for work, i have an interview to conduct. i don’t think i’m a bad manager particularly but i’ve never liked being interviewed and i think it shows, i come off as abupt. time to get going, i’ve got a long day ahead, the high point of which is vic’s return. i’ve missed her fiercely, but gladly i haven’t been all whiny, i feel positive and at the breakdown point i got some ink, which usually puts me in a zen like place. (i’ll explain later)

in other news vic’s ticket is booked for a july visit. i wont start counting down the days just yet, things have a habit of going pear shaped at the last minute. i’m saying prayers to all the divinities and keeping all my appendages crossed.

off to save the world, peace.