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this april will mark my sixth anniversary of maintaining a blog with five of those being with the recently defunct journalspace. luckily i had most of my entries stored offline as i was trying to migrate them here. there are a lot of people that are not as fortunate.

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June 9, 2003 — Leave a comment

i’m sitting here surrounded by machines. 2 TiPBs (Titanium Powerbooks for the uninitiated) and a spanking new ibook. sadly only one Ti PB is mine, the other i’m setting up for os x as well as the ibook. by virture of the longest use, i have become the de facto master of X. for want of better thrills, i’m sitting here surrounded by 4 monitors, two attached to my machine. i’ve found it easier to work this way one of palettes and extraneous windows and one for the actual work. 
i should stop stroking my inner geek. although there is not much for me to do as the apps install and update. 

i did find a couple of interesting links this evening: 

the winners of the world stupidity awards 

full lenght versions of all those samples from your favourite hip hop tracks 

the simplified spelling society 

and finally the encyclopedia of unusual sexual practices 


day 18 (filler)

April 25, 2003 — Leave a comment

so i get into work today after my day off yesterday and the presentation and the work that was perfect less than 48 hours prior, is now riddle with changes.

change is not a big problem for me but fucking random ass changes like

“i don’t like the type face” and “there is too much space”

is the kind of shit that drives me around the bend, have these people no concept of design. what makes it worse there is no constructive critism with suggestions, fucking morons.

like i said earlier, if it wasn’t for the fucking money…

and the money ain’t that good.

moving on…
i found this really cool app for os x (yes, i’m a mac owner) called clutter which finds the cd cover for tracks you’re listening to in itunes, so on a friday night, i’m home making sure all my mp3s are associated to an album. there is something truly fucking depressing about that.

day 18

April 25, 2003 — Leave a comment

goooooooood morning world…

so it’s back to work this morning but i’m up early for other reasons, you don’t have much control on most of the factors in your life, however your technology should be one of them…

i definitely married the right woman, vic you are genius and a star. my love took down her imac and replaced the hard drive on her own last night (well i walked her through it over the phone)

…which brings me to the failings of technology…

it’s supposed to behave a certain way, there is no random behaviour (i believe that, really i do (tongue firmly in cheek)) we did everything correctly now it’s back to the drawing board on this cause after 2 hours and a drive replacement… nada, zip, zero, hard drive is not showing up when the machine boots and i know it works, well it was working when it left trinidad two days ago.

however fear not, our intrepid heroes will prevail.

in other news, i’m a constant seeker of information and on this quest for knowledge i came across this lovely tidbit…