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just an early morning post to test the music feature on JS.

i’m trying not to be exceptionally late for work, i have an interview to conduct. i don’t think i’m a bad manager particularly but i’ve never liked being interviewed and i think it shows, i come off as abupt. time to get going, i’ve got a long day ahead, the high point of which is vic’s return. i’ve missed her fiercely, but gladly i haven’t been all whiny, i feel positive and at the breakdown point i got some ink, which usually puts me in a zen like place. (i’ll explain later)

in other news vic’s ticket is booked for a july visit. i wont start counting down the days just yet, things have a habit of going pear shaped at the last minute. i’m saying prayers to all the divinities and keeping all my appendages crossed.

off to save the world, peace.