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July 19, 2004 — Leave a comment

i`ve been unduly fascinated by the new HTTP referrers system implemented by JS over the weekend; fascinated in the way we`re drawn to car wrecks.
here is a list of some of the searches that have brought people to my journal over the weekend

breathhold water bdsm

“daily show”
borderline personality
steatopygia pi
advanced cunnilingus
“song lyrics”
promiscuous virgo


and from
rippling labia`s location

new searches added wednesday 21
histrionic personality
good morning america window
white “tight pants” pool “g-string”
“caribbean zen”
“just a tease?” water warm
trip choclate cake [i feel lucky search]
callipygian photos africa
“key art”
“top ten” massage masseur tips
“magical trevor” lyrics
“muckrakers – when i fall”

from some of the search results i can see how they got here, but some of the others were just a confluence of words on the page. this has also somehow propagated a new batch of googlebots hit, so the cycle is going to perpetuate itself now.

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