I`m curious what your plan is to get JS management to get around to your way of thinking. I`ve noticed you have comments as well as private messaging disabled from your journal. I am parent and I don`t need your help.

As part of my parental duties, I am responsible for what my children watch, where they surf and I monitor it and take the time to explain why they are not allowed to visit certain sites or watch certain programming. I do a very good job, I don`t your standards of morality imposed on me.

This self righteous crusade on this public forum is unappealing. If you`re worried about what your children are looking at, maybe you should take the time and sit and talk with them and if you have no children and are doing this for the `public good`, maybe you should deal with your own issues in private.

Maybe you should target the parents of the children who are looking at inappropriate material for not supervising their children properly or letting them run wild and blaming someone else.

It`s time for people to wake up and take responsibility for their children, not palm off the behavioural problems they have been encouraging for so long on the internet or television or any one other than themselves.

No amount of individual lawsuits, class actions suits, committees, protests, training camps or censorship is going to stop children from doing inappropriate things, seeing things that you are not ready for them to see unless you teach them better. If they are taught properly, they will more than likely deal with whatever they see, hear, experience in a manner that is appropriate.

A child`s behavioural model rests solely in the hands of the parents. As my mother taught me, it`s not so much delinquent children, it`s delinquent parents.

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