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May 30, 2003 — Leave a comment

today is indian arrival day in trinidad, although i actually call it ‘arrival day’ for all the pretenious, gauche, nouveau riche, skimming, scheming, pilfering audi/bmw/mecredes/quarter million minimum imported car of choice (exchange rate is $6TT= $1US, you do the math), politicians, ex-politicians, businessmen, no talent hacks, asslicking corporate climbers, back-squeezing cheapass-pearls before swine-clients… 

you have ‘arrived’ and this is your day.

now that i’ve gotten that out of the way, here is our guest commentary, all the way from brighton:

Indian Arrival Day is today. Wow, shouldn’t that be a mega-celebration, a smorgasbord of cultural celebration?
I wish for one Arrival Day someone will have the bright idea of bringing real live Indians to collaborate with the Indians in Trinidad so that they would figure out that their concept of Indian-ness is archaic and totally irrelevant. Ditto African Emancipation Day.
My biggest beef is that on Emancipation Day, the winner always seems to be the Syrians because of the brisk trade they do in mock-African material.
Amazingly, if most Indians stepped into Delhi, they would feel as Indian as I would. It’s like the way you feel when you meet an African, or to be more specific, a Nigerian and they go on spouting some of the most narrow-minded stuff and you instantly realise that the only thing you guys share in common is the high tolerance for sunshine.

thank you franka. (the views expressed are those of the author and totally supported by me.)

in other news, vic is almost safely at her destination, and seems in good spirits. i seem to be as well, i’ve got the house to myself and i’m getting ready to deal with a logo design job, that has been lurking for far too long. then tonight, it’s party time. but fear not, i’ll be back before then.


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