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May 30, 2003 — Leave a comment
i really should get a life or some friends. i get up and walk away but i’m drawn back here. sigh. i came across the quizdiva link on another blog (the questions are geared towards women, but why should they have all the fun), so i took a couple of more quizzes (no guarantees on the results) and did some light reading and came across this link:  

a short cultural history of the wedding band 

and now without further ado, the results to even more quizzes: 

giving head 

Your Tongue’s Talent is Giving Head!

Your thick, wide tongue is the perfect size and shape for giving him pleasure. Not to mention, you know just how to work all the curves. You’ll do just about anything to make others happy, and when you’re uncomfortable, you don’t like to say so. So that probably means your mouth is starting to get worn out. Slow down, and learn how to speak your mind! You’d be most compatible with a Nipple Sucker. They’re sure to give you the attention you so desperately need. You’ve been giving everything for so long that you forgot what’s it’s like to be pleasured. It’s time for you to lay back and get licked. 

What’s Your Tongue’s Talent? 
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banana condom 

You Are A Banana Flavored Condom!

Hot, wild, and overtly sexual. 
Your over the top style is loved by some, hated by others – but never ignored. 
Once lovers taste your flavor, they always crave *more*! 
What Flavor Condom Are *You*? 
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upside down 69 

Your Sex Position is Upside Down 69

Daring. Dangerous. And oh so tasty. 
You go crazy when you go south – 
And you love getting it in the mouth. 
What’s Your Sex Position? 
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very horny 

You Are Very Horny

Your sex drive catchs you in a trap! 
You want to be sensible and sexy, but it’s hard to be both! 
You are a horny chick riding on a derailed speeding train. 
Chances are your body will win out over your mind, and you’ll let your sexual spirit free. 
Sure your sexuality has caused a bit of drama, but what’s live without the drama? 
You have come a long way, though, and it never hurts to travel a bit more! 
How Horny Are You? 
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Half arch 
Weird curved notched thing 

You’re this weird curved bar with a tiny flat plate 
with a single peg. No one really knows what to 
do with you, and usually end up trying to throw 
you into some avant-garde looking thing where 
you stick out like one of a dozen sore thumbs. 

What Lego piece are you?
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