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i am finally home, at least for a bit after one of the best parties i’ve been to since… (well at least since the last poolside crew party). i had a blast, we didn’t leave til almost 5am and by the time all the dropping home was done, i was staggering through the door around 5:40 and the sun was already up. the music was great (can you imagine being a party and not hearing any of the same music twice in 6 hours; it’s a great feeling), the company was fantastic and the behaviour completely licentious (and i still got away with my virtue intact – thanks k.) one of the joys of psc parties, is they generally end at 5am, but at about 4, the dj seems to kick it into a higher gear, encouraging you to stay and shake your booty until the very last nanosecond.

the tattoo is off today, not only am i completely exhausted, my tattoo guy darren has car (actually truck) trouble and is waiting on a mechanic.

i am so tired but between the two cat naps i took, after arriving home,( i had to drop the car for my ex brother in law for 7am) and waiting for a ride back home (never showed, so i just got a taxi home).

i’m here checking my mail and leaving voicemail for vic to let her know i survived the night, then i’m going to get some sleep, although day sleep does nothing for me, i think it has something to do with the light, i may as well just stay up, go to the dinner party tonight and turn in early tomorrow evening.

i’ll post again when i’m fed and a little more rested

hot and sticky

May 30, 2003 — Leave a comment

it’s been raining on and off all day but it hasn’t done anything for the temperature. i frolicked in the rain a little earlier, which was fun, now i’m sitting in front of a fan, while i try to find some degree of inspiration for this logo… still no dice.

so i come here to my daily addiction, i’m missing vic, but i know she’s safe and with the phone bill i already have for the month, i’ll have to sell one of the children pretty soon. k just dropped the tickets for tonight and i’m pretty exicted about the party, i usually don’t get this excited about going out, but tonight feels good or am i just salivating over the prospect of more work on my tattoo tomorrow. i keep looking at the picture of the work done so far and realise all the pain, the itching is going to be worth it.

the annual report project is back like a bad rash, apparently it printed like shit, the colour was off and guess what…
i’m getting blamed. when i signed on for the project, i was told it was a mouse jockey job, i said ok, cause i needed the money. why am i being taken to task because the person who actually took the job:

1. didn’t check the colour swatch (as i instructed) against the stock
2. never checked the job on the press (now how obvious is that)

which brings me to how is this my fault? i  produced the job, didn’t pick the printer or the stock and gave fairly striahgforward instuctions. wait, i took one thing for granted… they knew what they were doing. oh dear, silly me. i asked to see a copy of the report to see what can be done at this stage, not because i care, but because the sooner it’s presentable and approved by the people who sign the chqs, the sooner i get paid.

i still haven’t been able to get in contact with my ride for tonight which is a little worrying not because i can’t get there on my own, but i’d rather not have to worry about it.

i’m off to be all girly in the interim and plan what i’m wearing and decide if to wash my hair or not. i have a 2 hour window before my hair will not dry.


yesterday was packed to the gills with all the fun shit that makes life so enjoyable and interesting.

the birthday lunch for my younger daughter went off fairly hitchless, my older daughter was here as well and a good time was had by all. sometime in between all of this i found time to finish the cover for the annual report, attempt to deliver it to the client, come back home, wash my hair get dressed and be very late for the media excellence awards.

my date for the evening was the always lovely karen (who i must say looked stunning) and i think we made quite the impression, got there late, but then made the rounds hilton poolside for the free food and drink. we weren’t sure if it was me in the sarong and red shirt or the small muscular indian woman in the hot dress by my side or the combination of the two.

we left the media awards around 11, wandering sort of aimlessly, well not entirely, planning to swing by after dark to see who was about and show off karen in her hot femme duds, she was just too hot, we left a little after 4am.

which brings us up to speed, i’m working on corrections to the annual report, i’ve had 3 1/2 hours sleep and now i have a shitload of corrections to do. joy.

i’ll be back.

a truly horrendous waste of time and bandwith – UVA Computer Science Star Links courtesy grammargirl

for those of you that don’t understand, there is no customer service in trinidad. none, none, none whatsoever, so my triumph is much sweeter. the fact that i got tstt and kfc to bend to my will is truly a testatment to how determined i can be. the problem with focussing my energies on santo domingo, is that these people hold my life in their hands and if they decide to be vindictive i’m screwed.

i called vic and her sage advice i’m going to the soiree. vic on the other hand is darkness, a tornado having touched down in her fair town, if the weather clears she’s going to try to catch the lunar eclipse tonight. i miss her so much, these are the moments that are meant to be shared. i may run home early and call and watch with her.

fare they well, i’m off til later.

day nine

April 16, 2003 — Leave a comment

happy birthday K.

another day, another dollar, well a few cents at least. i’m hanging out with my friend K tonight, it’s her birthday and we’re going to party like it’s her birthday.

should be interesting to say the least, she’s a member of the cult of sappho (figure it out your damn self) and we’re going to one of her fave hangouts.

does it matter that i have work in the morning? Oh hell No! i need this evening out. i’m just barely hanging on.