i’m sitting here surrounded by machines. 2 TiPBs (Titanium Powerbooks for the uninitiated) and a spanking new ibook. sadly only one Ti PB is mine, the other i’m setting up for os x as well as the ibook. by virture of the longest use, i have become the de facto master of X. for want of better thrills, i’m sitting here surrounded by 4 monitors, two attached to my machine. i’ve found it easier to work this way one of palettes and extraneous windows and one for the actual work. 
i should stop stroking my inner geek. although there is not much for me to do as the apps install and update. 

i did find a couple of interesting links this evening: 

the winners of the world stupidity awards 

full lenght versions of all those samples from your favourite hip hop tracks 

the simplified spelling society 

and finally the encyclopedia of unusual sexual practices 


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