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day 18 (filler)

April 25, 2003 — Leave a comment

so i get into work today after my day off yesterday and the presentation and the work that was perfect less than 48 hours prior, is now riddle with changes.

change is not a big problem for me but fucking random ass changes like

“i don’t like the type face” and “there is too much space”

is the kind of shit that drives me around the bend, have these people no concept of design. what makes it worse there is no constructive critism with suggestions, fucking morons.

like i said earlier, if it wasn’t for the fucking money…

and the money ain’t that good.

moving on…
i found this really cool app for os x (yes, i’m a mac owner) called clutter which finds the cd cover for tracks you’re listening to in itunes, so on a friday night, i’m home making sure all my mp3s are associated to an album. there is something truly fucking depressing about that.