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September 6, 2003 — Leave a comment

a friend of mine once told me that the difference between nascar and formula one fans is in the quality of the inbreeding. i resent that.

i love formula one racing. not nascar, not irl, not formula 3000, nothing else. well, world rally championship, but my passion is formula one.

i got hooked as an adult three years ago in london. it was either formula one or footy on the telly on a damp sunday afternoon. yes they tended to be damp most of the time, but i had no company, no money and no interest in leaving the house. so i started watching the german grand prix and i`ve only missed a couple a couple of the races [well on television at least] since then.

i`ve been up at 2am to catch qualifying rounds from malaysia, raced home from formal dinners to catch the race from australia. i enjoy the racing. man and machine going around some of the most interesting of locations in the world at speed exceeding 200mph. what is there not to like?

when there is racing in europe, i need to get up early on a saturday [for qualifying] and sunday [race day] mornings, no matter what i did the night before.

this morning was no different, well it was. there was no racing. i forgot that there is a three week break between races. i never did manage to get back to sleep and that would explain the incoherence of this post.

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