no, i’m not in jail

October 11, 2003 — Leave a comment

i did finally get paid late yesterday afternoon. got my cheque and my severance letter and another letter indicating their desire to have me freelance. so there was no need for me to run amok.

what can i say, i`m a sucker for punishment. i`m there on monday. it`s not really that, but our current financial situation is such that i can`t afford a week without income.

if they are paying me what i ask, i think i can get by on going into the office three days a week.

the rest of yesterday evening was great, i sat around with the people i do like from the office had a few drinks, which then dovetailed into a spectacular evening of pool and drinking.

in formula one news, i`m being to think bernie ecclestone, controls the weather. in a qualifying made more interesting by weather, schu who is a point away from winning his 6th world champion qualified 14th out a field of 20. this is going to make for a very interesting race. just need to stay up. the race is in japan, so live coverage starts at 1am

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