safe harbour

September 4, 2003 — Leave a comment

my boss is out today and i have fuck all to do. sweet. and no i didn`t kill her nor did i arrange to have her killed.

i continue to be on an even keel, even with all the bitching and moaning i`ve been doing. i don`t feel overwhelmed by it all. i`ve got problems but for the next couple of days at least they`re not going to get the best of me.

still unable to track down a non professional volleyball club, i`m thinking about doing tai chi. i don`t want to learn to hurt any in a physical manner, i think i have far too much experience at mental and emotional damage to add physical to my list of sins.

my thoughts are a little helter-skelter this morning, bear with me while i sort it out. i`m trying to budget money, i don`t have. it`s the fourth of the month and i don`t have money to get me through the weekend, far less the rest of the month.

i try not to stress about money. i try to work on the principle that when i need it, it will come to me. but days like today trying to plan out bill payments and paying what i owe, i wonder if i need to be more aggressive with the people that owe me.

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