i didn’t break but i did get wet

July 13, 2003 — Leave a comment

so the kayaking didn’t acutally happen first thing this morning… the RSH didn’t show up til almost 10 and by that time we were all starving. who all you ask? the usual suspects – RSH, nance and naim. we went to the bight, had brunch, which was only spoiled by our truly rude and horrendous waitress, i loathe bad service. but we hung about anyway, play pool while RSH, went home to drop something. i lost every single game, my god. i just couldn’t get it together. tonight is the full moon but  gratefully i seemed to have avoided the emotional rollercoaster. i think all my energies are focussed on vic’s imminent arrival.
now where was i? oh yeah the kayaking, i kayaked for the first time today. i used to row, but kayaking is a completely a horse [or well a boat] of a different colour, it took me a while to get the whole forward momentum thing and while laughing at naim capsizing his kayak, i capsized mine, it was hard enough getting into the kayak at the water’s edge, it was even worse in the water. between karen and the guys in the boat who were laughing their ass off my predicament, i managed to get back in the kayak and sometime later back to shore. in the process i managed to lose my new cute slippers but all in all today has been a great, relaxing and all around enjoyable day. i’m sitting at nance’s on my machine [i stopped home to get it] nance has cool shit on her machine, a lot of which has been copied to my computer to sort out later.

and this pretty much covers the days activities. next sunday vic is going to meet the girls and my mother. somehow i think my achy arms is going to be the least of the worries. i’m just exaggerating, i think it’s going to be fine.

karen is ready to depart, so i’ll wrap this now. adieu

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