happy father’s day

June 15, 2003 — Leave a comment


happy father’s day to all the fathers, expectant fathers, single moms, gay couples. anyone raising children. here’s to you.

yesterday was lovely, i joined the library. didn’t borrow anything though, i got my hair washed and basically did fuck all for the entire day. meaning all the shit i was supposed to do yesterday, i have to do today.

go see the children (hey i got gifts to collect), scout locations and get some ink. all of this around the canadian grand prix today. got to have some constants in my life (and i use the term loosely.)

in the mean time here are some links of interest (well i was going to post some links but everything was far too depressing for a sunday morning.)

i’m going to perform the morning ablutions and when i return i’ll make another attempt at posting links. ciao.

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