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yesterday was all about the thrill of victory, kicked Halo`s ass, almost got the project i`m working on approved, had a great night with vic and the boychick

this morning, not so good; daylight savings can`t be over too quickly for me, my body has readjusted so i`m up at between 5 and 5:30 and completely unable to go back to sleep. this morning was compounded by the clicking noise coming from my laptop. two laptops and four years later the hard drive is giving up the ghost.

i took out of the laptop this morning and put in an enclosure, i`m hoping now to be able to finish copying all the data off oit before it kicks the bucket, but as i type this, the clicking is back.

i got the critical data, well most of it anyway, i`m just trying to get all the stuff i hadn`t backed up since monday. i`m guessing i`m going to have to do it in stages. my other problem is i don`t have another drive big enough to restore my data to. i have a 10Gb in the other dead laptop, but i`m not sure that even works at this stage and there is no money in the household budget for a replacement in the immediate future.

so this is my humble cry for help; if anyone has a 30GB or larger, 2.5″ notebook drive they would like to donate, please feel free to PM me. i`m thinking about setting up a paypal account, but my plight seems so trivial i don`t know if i should even bother.

edit: i`ve swallowed my pride and there is a button to the right under my profile photo if anyone is so inclined.