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October 27, 2004

i have finished; i came, i saw, i shot, i kicked Halo`s ass. on legendary no less. i have to say it was a fun and somewhat easy game to play. now i`m just left to wonder how long are we going to have to wait for the OS X port of Halo 2. i see no need to invest in an Xbox, solely for playing Halo 2.

murder, death, kill

October 20, 2004 — Leave a comment

there a great deal of satisfaction found in shooting stuff but since the smell or cordite doesn`t agree with me and i wouldn`t think of having a gun in the house, i have to get this satisfaction in two dimensions.

for the last week and a half i`ve been playing Halo. yes, i`m late with Halo 2 on the horizon, but i haven`t had a machine i could play it on until recently.

i was at the Macworld conference when Halo was initially demoed and even as a batch of screen captures and quicktime movies, it was fantastic and for that brief moment it was ours, a game by a mac company for mac users, then along came M$ with Xbox looking for the ultimate first person shooter and we mac users had to wait three years for a port. but i`m not bitter.

i find it very relaxing and it`s also very familiar. before made Halo and Oni, they were responsible for one of the best series of first person shooters every made on any platform – Marathon.

The master chief of Halo appears to be the same long suffering soldier of Marathon fame, placed hither, thither and yon to do what he does best. the weapons have changed but the level of intelligence require to play hasn`t. Marathon was one of the first games where if you shot a friendly, the rest would either refuse to help or if they were armed, they would shoot back.

i like a game that requires some skill even went all i want to do is vent and blow stuff up.