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curiosity? poor cat

March 13, 2009 — 3 Comments

i met vic nine years ago in the personals section of but that sentence doesn`t begin to do us any justice.

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October 31, 2004 — Leave a comment

earlier this month we had a celebration of our almost three year old marriage, we just got most of the pictures

here are a couple of the pictures and the rest of the gallery can be found here:

a celebration

October 13, 2004 — Leave a comment

i`d written a lovely homage to this weekends celebrations when my machine came to a grinding halt and under OS X there are very few things that can precipitate a system wide freeze and in this case it was the Microsoft Office update. i loath M$ and their crappy products, hopefully i can pick up the threads of my original post and sally forth.

on Sunday, we had a celebration of our marriage. we`ll be married three years next January but thought that should be a celebration for friends and family because when got married it was just us, the hired minister, the travel agent who arranged it and ndelamiko who put us on the the travel agent and who i was meeting in person for the first time. we`re not counting the hotel guests who were gawking nearby or the leathery German guy in the electric blue speedo, who thought it would be a good idea to get a closer look.

this is weekend we invited family and close friends to celebrate the wedding that had already happened. to sum it up in a word; perfect. the weather was more than co-operative, cool and sunny all day, the food was magnificent and the people was wonderful. most of my people couldn`t make it, but vic is blessed with the most amazing family and friends and everyone, has done their best to make me feel welcome.

the weather has started to get nippier and i`m liking it. i`m really looking forward to holidays, which is a kind of unfamiliar feeling for me as an adult. part of it, is how welcome vic`s family has made me feel. i`ve been to at least four gatherings since i`ve been here and that still hasn`t been one where all her siblings and their children have been there. just to help you conceptualise how big a family this is, vic is the second to last of eight and there is a niece or nephew graduating high school every year from now until 2018.

we`re having a small reception to celebrate our marriage this weekend and two of the siblings and their children wont be able to make it and it`s still close to 50 people including a handful of close friends.

growing up in a two person household makes me much more appreciative of large family gatherings and there are at least two more before the year is out. i`m looking forward to thanksgiving and christmas, the company is sure to be good and the food should be magnificent. vic`s mother spoils us, every weekend we go to visit we`re fed like kings particularly on sunday mornings when she gets up and makes waffles, from scratch. it`s a wonder i haven`t been putting on weight.

in other news, my probationary period at my job is now over, i`m a permanent staff member now and i have health insurance, what i`m paying to have vic and the boychick covered is a little steep but worth the peace of mind. it`s comforting to know we`re all covered. coming from socialised healthcare to PPOs and HMOs takes some adjustment.