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October 21, 2004 — Leave a comment

there are a lot of genetic traits i`ve inherited from both sides of my family including left-handedness; there was no escaping that one — mother, father, paternal grandmother, maternal grandfather.

now i seem to picking up early greying from my mother. although on end i`m not sure how much of it was completely genetic. when she was 7, she got malaria and they gave her bay rum to drink which turned her hair completely white. before you launch into how barbaric that was, bear in mind this was pre-WWII, there are still no vaccines for malaria, so at that point that old Caribbean adage; “what don`t kill, will fatten” seemed like the most prudent course of action.

as long as i can remember my mother has been grey and for a time she dyed her hair and did the rinses until she realised how attractive she looked with her grey hair. i have just discovered two more  in the front of my dreads to add to small number that`s somewhere in the middle. i`m of the school of `if you pull them, they will call for reinforcements.` i`m curious to see how many more start showing up and with what frequency.