Collecting my posted #AlternativeFacts for June 2017

June 01: All children learn in the same manner and can best be evaluated via standardized testing.
June 02: There are no racial or socio-economic biases in standard tests.
June 03: Abstinence education has effectively reduced the rate of teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.
June 04: Catholics are not Christians and are doomed to hell because of their idolatry.
June 05: Disability benefits are only abused by non-white people in urban areas.
June 06: Poor people have no impetus to get off food stamps and milk the system for years.
June 07: Welfare fraud costs taxpayers significantly more than corporate fraud.
June 08: There are no military families or veterans relying on food stamps to live.
June 09: Section 8 housing is always in the best neighborhoods with easy access to nutritious, affordable food choices.
June 10: Safety net programs cost taxpayers significantly more than defense contract overruns.
June 11: Religious leaders are infallible and their instructions should be followed without question.
June 12: Immigrant and non-immigrant US visas are cheap and easy to acquire.
June 13: Immigrants have never made any significant contribution to the development or greatness of the US.
June 14: Immigrants are the biggest drain on public assistance programs.
June 15: Immigration interviews are in no way demoralizing or intrusive enough.
June 16: Immigration documents are easy to understand and complete and if you make a mistake your fees are refunded.
June 17: There have been absolutely no fiscal repercussions in states where they have cracked down on undocumented immigrants.
June 18: The New Testament strongly encourages violent retaliation for perceived wrongs.
June 19: Having 5 children by 3 different women or cheating on your sick spouse is only classless if you’re black.
June 20: Showing compassion and consideration is a sign of weakness in a leader.
June 21: Flying a Confederate flag in places that overwhelmingly fought for the Union is about history & heritage not racism.
June 22: Making incorrect historical and scientific comparisons prove how well our education system works.
June 23: Second Amendment rights are only for white people.
June 24: Women’s reproductive history should be required information for employment and housing choices.
June 25: Running a country based on Christian religious law is in no way equivalent to Sharia law.
June 26: Black people regardless of age or gender are always a threat to well trained law enforcement officials.
June 27: There is absolutely no need for law enforcement officials to undergo de-escalation training.
June 28: It is absolutely necessary for police departments to have military equipment to function properly.
June 29: Police violence against black people is a modern problem exaggerated by the media.
June 30: Law-abiding black citizens have absolutely no reason to be afraid of interactions with police officers.

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