#AlternativeFacts [August 2017]

September 5, 2017

Collecting my posted #AlternativeFacts for August 2017

August 01: There are enough resources on the planet for everyone to use without having to worry about them running out.
August 02: There is absolutely no problem being completely reliant on fossil fuels because they will never run out.
August 03: Corporations desire for resources must always supersede any rights of people affected by the collection of said resources.
August 04: Loss of life while mining is perfectly acceptable and safety costs should not be allowed to affect profits.
August 05: Diamonds are appropriately valued based on their scarcity and difficulty to mine.
August 06: Jesus was incredibly supportive of money lenders.
August 07: Company profits should come ahead of all other considerations including environmental damage.
August 08: Financial institutions have never made any investment choices that have lost customers’ money.
August 09: CEOs are always penalized when their strategies cause companies to fail.
August 10: The rights of companies should be worth more than individual rights because companies donate more.
August 11: It is easy for someone to live comfortably on a minimum wage job in any American city.
August 12: Companies should only be interested profits regardless of impact.
August 13: Jesus believed people should be loved conditionally based on political and religious affiliation.
August 14: It is completely possible to use third reich symbols and gestures in a public demonstration in a non-racist manner.
August 15: Confederate flags and statues honor southern history and have absolutely nothing to do with slavery, rape and abuse.
August 16: Using symbols associated with slavery and genocide does not make your movement racist.
August 17: confederate statues have been around since the reconstruction and not installed as revisionist or intimidation tactics.
August 18: Black travelers never needed a special book to tell them where to avoid being killed while traveling.
August 19: The confederate flag is not a racist symbol especially when paired with a swastika.
August 20: Ignoring and further marginalizing the poor and disadvantaged are the basic tenets of both Christianity and Islam.
August 21: Interracial marriage was never illegal anywhere in the US.
August 22: Combining the US flag with those of former enemies does not desecrate it in any way.
August 23: Racism and bigotry are things of the past.
August 24: Class has never been used as a tool to perpetuate racial discrimination.
August 25: No successful black communities have ever been destroyed by angry white mobs.
August 26: Slavery kept tribespeople together to help build strong family, history, language, and community bonds.
August 27: Racial purity is one the basic tenets of Christianity.
August 28: No country has ever been invaded or had their government overthrown by a US administration to gain access to resources.
August 29: No US administration has ever supported brutal dictators or undermined legitimately elected officials.
August 30: US government policies are based on what’s best for the entire populace and not corporate profitability.
August 31: Government agencies are run at peak efficiency.