Racism and sexism have always been a part and parcel of the American experience. The founding fathers declaration that “All men are created equal” while excluding women and continuing to be active slave owners. Every advance made by people of color and women is usually followed by some manner of systemic retaliation.

There have been improvements but the system of white, male supremacy is rampant and supported, sadly in a lot of cases by white women. The ‘virtue’ of white womanhood has resulted in the death or incarceration of people of color. While second wave feminism opened more doors for women lead to a greater diversity in many workplaces the lack of intersectionality meant these opportunities were open mostly to white women.

Affirmative action programs have pushed more doors open but recently there has been greater push back including multiple lawsuits against school programs. There seems to be a sense that minority populations have more opportunities and place white people at a disadvantage. In truth affirmative action programs barely tip the scales when compared to the institutional disadvantages that most minority communities face. 

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