Collecting my posted #AlternativeFacts for July 2017

July 01: Black victims and perpetrators never experience different standards than their white counterparts.
July 02: The only purpose of religious organizations is to accumulate wealth and power.
July 03: Lashing out and being insulting is acceptable behavior for both small children and world leaders.
July 04: American exceptionalism was absolutely not the result of genocide, slavery and oppression.
July 05: All Americans know the Bill of Rights, Constitution and Declaration of Independence.
July 06: ‘We the people’ from the preamble has always applied to everyone not just property owning white men.
July 07: The Constitution was perfect as it was originally written & all those amendments are without merit & should be removed.
July 08: Freedom of Speech means you can say whatever you want without consequence.
July 09: The separation of Church and State only applies to non-Christian religions.
July 10: There is no way to prove evolution is real, so that’s why we get the same flu vaccine every year.
July 11: STEM programs are part of the gay, liberal agenda and should be removed from schools to make America great again.
July 12: There is no evidence of man made contributions to changes in climate or the environment.
July 13: Not only is the Earth flat, all space flight including the Moon landing is fake.
July 14: Dr. Oz presents real science and people like Stephen Hawkins and Neil deGrasse Tyson are charlatans.
July 15: There is no need for peer review or validation in any field of scientific study.
July 16: Your religious beliefs are more important than your actions in support of those beliefs.
July 17: Women don’t have the intelligence or physical strength to be anything other than wives and mothers.
July 18: Women have had no historical contributions in the fields of science, sports or politics.
July 19: American feminism has always been open, inclusive and strives for the betterment of women of all ethnicities.
July 20: Female sexuality is always more powerful than male self-control.
July 21: Women are overreacting to the perceived threats they face from men.
July 22: Women are rarely abused, raped, disfigured or killed by men they know.
July 23: Major world religions have done absolutely nothing to stigmatize, marginalize and control women’s bodies.
July 24: The sexual practices of consenting adults should be legislated by government based on religious beliefs.
July 25: The best place for anyone to get comprehensive and accurate sex education is from porn sites.
July 26: It is perfectly acceptable to judge the sexual behavior of men and women differently.
July 27: Sex workers deserve any mental, verbal and physical abuse they experience because of their work choice.
July 28: The only approved displays of female sexuality are for marketing, advertising and male entertainment.
July 29: Human sexuality only exists in two forms.
July 30: Religions have never tried to control female reproduction.
July 31: Minorities and women don’t have to work harder to prove themselves capable for the same jobs as white males.

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