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Collecting #AlternativeFacts May 2017

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Collecting my #AlternativeFacts posts for March 2017

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Yearning to be free…

January 28, 2017

I didn’t emigrate to the US out of fear or to escape an oppressive regime. I emigrated for love, and I jumped through a lot of hoops. I cannot begin to imagine what it must be like to wait on the slowly turning wheels of bureaucracy while in fear for your life.

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Unaccompanied Negro

July 7, 2016

for what it’s worth, every time I see flashing lights, I automatically slow and open the voice memo app on my phone. This is my reality. I am a six-foot plus, 320 pound, dreadlocked and tattooed black man. I am the ultimate suspect.

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Once upon a soundscape

May 30, 2016

When we think about sound, we think about the score, dialog and effects working together to evoke a mood, the opening 11 minutes of Once Upon A Time In The West was one of the first films to simply use the ambient sound to evoke a mood.

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moderate Tuesday

March 1, 2016 — 1 Comment

I am sure my political views differ from some, possibly, a lot of you. At this point, that’s not important. What is important is that you do research and consider all your options. Sure you don’t like the other candidate, but can you articulate what your issues with them are, without resorting to ad hominem attacks? Or the three things you heard in your social media echo chamber? Are your candidate’s platform and promises realistic and/or executable? Are the people running locally, locally funded? Have the best interests of your community at heart?

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The Cable Guys

December 9, 2015 — Leave a comment

For a four month period in 2002 while working for The Wire (a division of Trinidad Publishing Company), I co-wrote a television column, realizing they don’t existing anywhere else I’ve collected them here.

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flash fiction friday #47

March 21, 2015 — 1 Comment

My former partner once said of an affair, “I don’t know how it happened.” To which I responded, “did you simply trip and fall into her pussy?” Now here I was barely in the door, furtively trying to take off our clothes off while simultaneously attempting to keep my hands and mouth in contact with my oldest and dearest friend. We weren’t drunk and less than five minutes ago I was standing on the other side of the door saying my goodnights. I honestly couldn’t tell you how it happened. Except, maybe logically, I can. 

Thursday night dinners have been a regular thing since we got married. We decided we were not going to our friendship whither. The dinners entertained us through our marriages, gave us solace during our respective divorces and allowed us to swap tales from the front lines of our jobs. During one dinner we sat with laptops on the table and created profiles for each other on the usual singles sites as we shared horror stories of dates gone wrong.

Tonight’s dinner didn’t feel different in any way. We ate, we caught up, we commiserated, we mocked and then we made plans for another dinner and drinks with friends. Then we started our goodbyes, which when you’ve been friends this long can take anywhere from five to 50 minutes.

Which as the song goes, brings us back to do-do-do. We were standing at the door, hugging like we have for the last 25 years with the usual provencial cheek kisses when it happened, a slip of the lip, but instead of pulling apart we were kissing. I could taste that combination of wine and chocolate mousse on our lips and I wanted more. We wanted more, which why we were now falling back through the door starting what’s clearly a new chapter in our friendship.

I’m fascinated by the media. I have been and continue to be a consumer, albeit in a more selective manner now than ever before. I have been a contributor of both advertising and editorial content.

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John Ellis’ Social History of the Machine Gun documents and details the development of the rapid, automatic fire weapons in the late 19th century and its uses and effects in the immediate regional and global conflicts that followed. The primary timeline of Ellis’ work covers early attempts at automatic, continuous fire weaponry to the eventual implementation during World War I.

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