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i love driving but i wish that there would be one day a year when we could have open season on the fuckwits that share the roads.

topping this list would the idiots who think it`s bright to cross the street in a haphazard manner when there is a cross walk not even an extra step away. you deserve to die and if it wouldn`t cause damage to my car, i`d run you over myself.

next are the idiot SUV drivers, i believe i have a new spatial theory; the size of the SUV is inversely proportional to the ability of the driver to traverse a corner in the correct lane. or maybe it`s because they`ve been deluding about themselves about the actually their microscopic penises and thus have no idea how measurement works for the rest of us in the real world.

coming in close behind are these morons with two hands; filled with cigarettes and cellphones; and half a brain. it`s obvious by the way you drive you can`t perform more than one task at a time, why tax your pea-sized brain. either smoke and drive or talk on the phone and drive, you can`t manage both, so don`t even try.

garnering a special mention on this list are the morons who change lanes, turn corners suddenly, without indicating. i believe that the stalk for the indicator should be surgically attached to their ass to forever remind them what they are supposed to do when they are turning a corner or changing lanes.

it is as hot as hell here, just went to drop my daughter to the movies, first time i left my house for the weekend. scorchingly hot.

and the hills are on fire. everywhere you look, there are brush fires or the remains of brush fires, at night it’s really pretty to behold but as with a lot of other things the cold harsh reality of daylight… it’s really sad.

other comment, i loathe not having my own car, especially on long weekends. not so much for the freedom of being able to go where i want to and when, but for the security of having my life in my own hands.

it’s bad enough most people drive like assholes, but the asshole quotient seems to double, no fuck that quadraple, at least on a holiday weekend. my god, have these fuckers heard of defensive drive? signalling? what the fuck?

road rage is a concept very near and dear to my heart, i’m externally greatful i don’t drive a truck, cause some of the shit i see on the road, i will run your fucking ass over.

breathe, relax, the weekend was going so well. 🙂

yay, vic on a successful sortie in to wilds of sw florida to restore the books, toys, cds and dvds to our household. but especially the books,i love you darling. and a special thank you andrea, for putting up with my worry wart ways.