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April 6, 2004 — Leave a comment

i had one of those inspirational writing moments, got started and lost it, so you`re stuck with more tales of the unpacking.

there is a space in the living room. there are less than 15 boxes left and i think most of them are going straight into the attic. it feels odd saying that, i`ve never lived somewhere with an attic so it`s a bit of an adjustment.

the books are mostly on the shelves, the shelf with the cookbooks has been organised and there are still some on the floor probably enough to take up another shelf on another bookcase. looking at the books i`m wondering how it`s all going to fit.

slowly but surely the ground floor is beginning to take shape.


April 5, 2004 — Leave a comment

we`ll the moving is done. the beds are up, we have clothes to wear and the kitchen is clear.

now we can start unpacking. the living room area is a sea of boxes. well if you can call boxes stacked 5` high and 8 – 10 deep, a sea. i should be unpacking but i`m a little overwhelmed at the moment, yesterday`s adrenaline is gone and i`m exhausted and every muscle in my body aches.

i`m hoping to catch a second wind momentarily. the boxes are all labelled and they are mostly books, i just need to start putting stuff on shelves, when vic gets home we can rearrange into an order we find amenable, what`s a little frightening is that these are just her books. there is still another 6 boxes of my books sitting in the basement of her mother`s house and we have nowhere to put them

we`re still moving boxes, that`s the plan for the next couple of days. on saturday evening we get the truck and the major items move early sunday. we`ve already moved three carloads of boxes and that`s pretty much the stuff that`s in day to day use. there is still the bookcases, the beds and the attic full of stuff. we have a lot of stuff.

i think when you`re moving you see clearly what your priorities are; the kitchen is pretty much moved and all the books that we had immediate access to. food and food for thought, pretty good priorities i think.

there are a couple things the rental company need to come fix forthwith but the apartment is very liveable. it seems like we have a lot of space now, but once all of our stuff is moved in i sense a lot of reorganisation to accommodate it all.

one of the things i`m looking forward to is combining the libraries. we have four 7` bookshelves which i think we have the ability to fill with ease. i know there is going to be some culling as there is some overlap and with our book buying moratorium in place, we can catch up on what we may have missed in our respective collections.

in other news there i`m also doing some reorganising on the site,  i`ve changed some of the categories, so i`m back-tracking to update entries to their appropriate categories, not an easy task with just over 800 entries. next week will be a year since i started here, i have to say looking back over the last 51 weeks, it`s been interesting.

it is as hot as hell here, just went to drop my daughter to the movies, first time i left my house for the weekend. scorchingly hot.

and the hills are on fire. everywhere you look, there are brush fires or the remains of brush fires, at night it’s really pretty to behold but as with a lot of other things the cold harsh reality of daylight… it’s really sad.

other comment, i loathe not having my own car, especially on long weekends. not so much for the freedom of being able to go where i want to and when, but for the security of having my life in my own hands.

it’s bad enough most people drive like assholes, but the asshole quotient seems to double, no fuck that quadraple, at least on a holiday weekend. my god, have these fuckers heard of defensive drive? signalling? what the fuck?

road rage is a concept very near and dear to my heart, i’m externally greatful i don’t drive a truck, cause some of the shit i see on the road, i will run your fucking ass over.

breathe, relax, the weekend was going so well. 🙂

yay, vic on a successful sortie in to wilds of sw florida to restore the books, toys, cds and dvds to our household. but especially the books,i love you darling. and a special thank you andrea, for putting up with my worry wart ways.