we`ll the moving is done. the beds are up, we have clothes to wear and the kitchen is clear.

now we can start unpacking. the living room area is a sea of boxes. well if you can call boxes stacked 5` high and 8 – 10 deep, a sea. i should be unpacking but i`m a little overwhelmed at the moment, yesterday`s adrenaline is gone and i`m exhausted and every muscle in my body aches.

i`m hoping to catch a second wind momentarily. the boxes are all labelled and they are mostly books, i just need to start putting stuff on shelves, when vic gets home we can rearrange into an order we find amenable, what`s a little frightening is that these are just her books. there is still another 6 boxes of my books sitting in the basement of her mother`s house and we have nowhere to put them

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