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although i have my green card, i can’t vote.

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i`m following with abject fascination; you know the rubbernecking at a fatal crash kind of way; this new bankruptcy bill and it seems like indentureship and poorhouse are on the way in, again.

one of the reasons i`m watching on, in abject horror, is we are struggling with some debt of our own and have received all manner of threatening phone calls and completely untrue statements from the credit card company. vic had this credit card for over 10 years, making her payments until November 2003 when she lost her job, about two months after i arrived they phone calls started coming and it`s interesting the lengths these companies will go to get their money. they accused me of being a bad husband for letting my wife running up this credit card debit; never mind the majority of it currently is interest; then told her she was a bad wife and mother because she couldn`t pay, told me my credit would be ruined if she didn`t pay, because i`m married her, the debt was now mine legally; those last two statements are patently untrue. we`re currently making interest payments; just barely; and squirrelling money away until we can make a settlement offer.

we`re not intending to file for bankruptcy; we`re sort of solvent, we have no credit cards so we`re not incurring anymore debt and we`ve got health insurance; sort of; but we have no savings so in the case of major emergency we would be in trouble and we seem to be the lucky ones. i thought bankruptcy protection was supposed to help people out of a tight spot, not just the ones with money.

we have an opportunity to clear up a financial albatross but; there is always a `but` isn`t there; i can`t get a loan from our bank to make the settlement because i have no credit.

i don`t exist, well at least until about 9 months ago, i didn`t pay bills, i had no debt, no social security number. i haven`t lived anywhere long enough, i haven`t worked anywhere long enough, so i`m a non-person. vic has a credit history but isn`t working full time anywhere and doesn`t qualify. i`m hoping to hear from our bank today to see if our combined job/credit history situation is good enough for us to settle the credit card and repay the bank at a significantly lower interest rate.

this whole concept of existence based on your social security number smacks very much of the mark of the beast. who you are and what you can and cannot do based on a series of number is a more than a little distressing.

easy come, easy go

February 11, 2005 — Leave a comment

i got paid today and for one brief shining moment it looked like we would have something left over for us to treat ourselves. that moment soon passed but not entirely.

we`re actually pretty good financially this week but there are some blips on the horizon, starting with the USCIS required medical this afternoon and then a colposcopy for vic later this month; neither of which are covered by health insurance. well mine isn`t and vic only has major medical now.

we also need to make a major grocery run, we`re out of a lot of basic stuff. plus, what happens when your wife works in a book store and you`re both book lovers? you buy lots of books. well you take lots of book and try to make sure the account is paid off. we`ve been pretty good about not abusing the account and the discount so far, but i went on a bit of spree this week and ordered three book and picked up another three in the store. slowly but surely my amazon wishlist is getting whittled down. this week i got Nick Hornby`s Songbook, the Jon Stewart America book and the new Hunter S. Thompson; Hey Rube, still on order is From Hell, Erotique Noire and The Mammoth book of Sex Diaries. that i think is our entertainment/treat budget right there.

at least we have an entertainment/treat budget right?

also out the door was the tax return. which i`m very proud of myself for. i e-filed this morning and should get a response in the next 24-48 hours ensuring that i`ve done everything correctly and this should be the only year with all the specific complications like declaring foreign income. hopefully all the returns forward should be simpler.

soy un perdidor

December 22, 2004 — Leave a comment

i think the insurance scenario may be sorted, i called the company that we have our life, car and renters` insurance with and they gave me some good advice. apparently when you purchase family insurance, there is the assumption that there will be addition children and your rates are padded to account for the possibility of pregnancy. vic and i decided that we`d done enough for the planet`s population so there are no more children in our future, so we`re getting individual policies for her and the boychick; with the same deductible as i have in the office but no vision; for about 75% of what it was going to cost me if i kept them on the plan. i have to say i`m really pleased with that. the difference in take home now that it`s just me will cover the added premiums without making us destitute.