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just to clear up any misunderstandings; the apple store job is part time. it`s supposed to supplement my income although i`m really not sure how much i`m going to take home.

i have been planning on getting a new machine to work on at home. i haven`t really been chasing freelance work because as much as i love that laptop it`s 5 years old and there are days when it shows it.

i`ve spent the last couple of days reworking my resume, partially as a pre-emptive strike, partially because i need to feel like i`m doing something productive with my life. as i was reorganising my resume i realised, degree or not, i`ve got skills and i deserve better. i suppose i knew that all the time but sometimes it good to see in black and white.

as much as i`d like to make the apple store job full time, the simple truth is that it doesn`t pay enough. we couldn`t survive. i`m not thrilled with what i`m getting paid now but it does pay the bills, keeps us fed and we`re pretty debt free; at least in the sense we`re not incurring any more. i really just wish i were making that little extra so we wouldn`t have weeks like this one and could build a bit of a cushion.

i`m following with abject fascination; you know the rubbernecking at a fatal crash kind of way; this new bankruptcy bill and it seems like indentureship and poorhouse are on the way in, again.

one of the reasons i`m watching on, in abject horror, is we are struggling with some debt of our own and have received all manner of threatening phone calls and completely untrue statements from the credit card company. vic had this credit card for over 10 years, making her payments until November 2003 when she lost her job, about two months after i arrived they phone calls started coming and it`s interesting the lengths these companies will go to get their money. they accused me of being a bad husband for letting my wife running up this credit card debit; never mind the majority of it currently is interest; then told her she was a bad wife and mother because she couldn`t pay, told me my credit would be ruined if she didn`t pay, because i`m married her, the debt was now mine legally; those last two statements are patently untrue. we`re currently making interest payments; just barely; and squirrelling money away until we can make a settlement offer.

we`re not intending to file for bankruptcy; we`re sort of solvent, we have no credit cards so we`re not incurring anymore debt and we`ve got health insurance; sort of; but we have no savings so in the case of major emergency we would be in trouble and we seem to be the lucky ones. i thought bankruptcy protection was supposed to help people out of a tight spot, not just the ones with money.