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whether you`re just starting out or you`ve had your dreadlocks for sometime there are a couple of fundamental rules, we hope by committing them to paper they will make things clearer for you.

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what an interesting weekend it has been and this week promises to be equally interesting.

i spend most of Saturday getting my dreads neatened. when i went to see the woman who would be doing it, she looked and my hair and agreed with my four hour estimation and quoted me $150 to get it done. it took the better part of seven and a half hours, but she did a spectacular job and only charged me an extra $25, i will be returning to her in about three months, when my hair wont be as unkempt.

for those of you that are puzzled, there is a lot of maintenance involved in having dreadlocks, which include washing; in my case at least once a week now and more frequently as it starts to warm up; and neatening to manage the new growth of hair that presents itself regularly every couple of months.

on Sunday, as spring fought a valiant battle to make its way to middle Tennessee and along with our house full of breakfast guest; no one can resist vic`s scones; we made our way to a nearby park to frolic in the sunshine. although i didn`t do as much frolicking because i was on the phone being interview about blogging; long story, but fear not, there is no adverse publicity or consumption of bandwidth involved.

this week i`ve got two doctor`s appointments; i`ve got one tomorrow morning, that was initially supposed to be my general check up but turned into the flu visit and one on Thursday to talk to and possibly get snipped. it`s about that time, vic and i have discussed it; we don`t want any more children – we`ve done our bit for the population explosion – our children and well-adjust and health, so there is no need to tempt fate any further. i`m getting snipped as the procedure is less invasive and less likely to have complications for me and if we change our minds down the road, it`s possible to reverse.

i should get back to work, today is already fiendishly busy and the rest of the week is only going to get worse.

darth insidious

July 14, 2004 — Leave a comment

we all look alike.

you know the drill; all black men look alike, well take that a step further, all black men with dreads look even more alike. in Nashville there are five of us, an English teacher at some exclusive private school, a lawyer, a musician, a fellow graphic artist; who i had the pleasure of meeting; and myself.

since i`ve been here, i`ve  been mistaken for the school teacher and the musician, one of both of them must party a lot because people keep coming up to me and asking me if we`d met at a party earlier in the year. i don`t drink that much and i don`t do drugs, i don`t even party much so if i`d met you at a party, i`d know.

the other graphic artist was telling me about having dinner in a restaurant and this woman accosted him, mistaking him for her ex; the lawyer. i thought that was pretty odd, but having had people come up to me and start conversations, i don`t know why i did.

the other person i look like; only because of the dreads and only to small children; is the guy who host a show on disney. i`ve had small children just sit and look at me thinking i was that guy.

when i was in Chattanooga over the July 4th weekend, a member of an old school quartet of queens tried to pick me up, said i looked like someone he knew.

i am everywhere, i am Darth Insidious, i cannot be stopped.