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and it’s the absolute truth, even by bill clinton’s standards. 

in what has to be one of the most bizarre/outrageous/surreal fucking moments of my life, i got a call from an ex today asking me if i had been involved with a woman around the same time we had been involved. what makes the conversation spiral into the ether, is that i don’t know the woman of which she speaks (not even in the biblical sense). well i’ve had conversations with her, but that’s within the last 6 months and it’s was just professional. what makes it even stranger is that we didn’t just have sex, but some sort of relationship. 

now i’ve done flaky things in my youth, but i’ve never been so drunk, disenchanted  or had such a complete mental breakdown that i would not remember someone i had slept with far less for had a relationship with. the question foremost in my mind is why? i’m almost tempted to call her on it, but the other question it begs is what good would it do? 

i’m still struggling with the last fucking print (please god, let it be) of the annual report project (some anal retentive took pen to paper to change stray caps and fix every hypen), i stated talking to vic and then lost the network connection, fuck! fuck! fuck! an hour and a half later it’s close to midnight and i’m still not home and i have another job to get started. the kind of shit i have to do just keep my fucking head above water.