a truly horrendous waste of time and bandwith – UVA Computer Science Star Links courtesy grammargirl

for those of you that don’t understand, there is no customer service in trinidad. none, none, none whatsoever, so my triumph is much sweeter. the fact that i got tstt and kfc to bend to my will is truly a testatment to how determined i can be. the problem with focussing my energies on santo domingo, is that these people hold my life in their hands and if they decide to be vindictive i’m screwed.

i called vic and her sage advice i’m going to the soiree. vic on the other hand is darkness, a tornado having touched down in her fair town, if the weather clears she’s going to try to catch the lunar eclipse tonight. i miss her so much, these are the moments that are meant to be shared. i may run home early and call and watch with her.

fare they well, i’m off til later.

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