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down for the count

February 16, 2005 — Leave a comment

it`s official, i have the flu. i went to the dr yesterday and scared the crap out of the triage nurse with 103.1 fever. so it`s bed rest and medication for me for the rest of the week.

day 17

April 24, 2003 — Leave a comment

i took the day off work today.

woo hoo. i know i keep bitching about how much i hate my job, you would think i should just put up or shut up but part of the problem is i’ve burned, bombed (shock and awe type bombing) and destroyed quite a few bridges in my time in the advertising industry here. people are a little afraid to hire me.

it’s not that i don’t have the talent, it’s the ‘prima donna attitude’ i’m not a prima donna, perfectionist with a low tolerance level for shit – yes, prima donna – no. i do good work, i work hard, but advertising here is more about who you know and who you (insert male bonding ritual here) on the weekend, than anything to do with real talent. with very few exceptions, nothing in the print media stands out anymore, no one wants to take a chance on a fresh look.

that said, as crappy as the pay and personalities at the office, i think i did some of damn good work yesterday on this presentation, it’s good to be inspired.

in other news i have to thank my friends for continuing to supply me with some of the strangest and most entertaining things online.

here is but one example:
things my girlfriend and i have argued about

quite funny, british humour.

i’m off to save the world, or at least get breakfast, prepare for a meeting and go fix a mac and ponder how to stop this damn coughing..

i made all sort of excuses before making this post today.

waiting to see how my day at work went, then came home and watched mindless tv for hours. i’m hooked, xfiles, charmed, gilmore girls and smallville. now it’s late and i’m getting the flu…

but i decided today is not a day for bitching. even though i’m getting the flu and my job sucks, blah, blah, blah…

today’s post is about victoria, for those of you, who don’t know, vic is my wife of 1 year, 3 months and 4 days, who i’ve seen once (7 month ago in london) since we got married.

the reason for our separation a long story, needless to say it involves some measure of bureaucracy (lots and lots of it, but that is a matter for another, less positive post)

in brief… vic is the love of my life, she is my joy. she makes me tremendously happy and strangely one of the reasons for my constant depression is that i’m away from her, it’s difficult to focus your energies when it seems like a major piece of your life is missing.

ok, i’m sliding the path of the maudlin plus i just started a major coughing fit, so i’m going to turn in for the night and continue this when i awake.