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`may cause drowsiness` is always an indication that taking that medication will  put you down like a rabid dog.

my urologist prescribed an Atavan for me to take half an hour before the vasectomy and 15 Lortab to take as needed if the pain was overbearing. i have to say, that i`m not in much pain.

the getting kicking in the testes analogy is correct, but in my case it`s been the dull throbbing after the kick as opposed to the sharp savage pain of the kick.

i took one of the Lortab as soon as i got home as a pre-emptive strike and kept by berries cool with some frozen cranberries vic had in the freezer. i took another Lortab last night at the first twinge of serious pain and passed out almost immediately on the couch.

this morning there doesn`t seem to be much swelling and i heroically or stupidly depending on your perspective didn`t take any medication until we got back from vic`s coloscopy; she is in perfect health, but has been banned from sex for two day — that works out well. returning home, i decided against more Lortab this morning in favour of the ibuporfen and those seem to be working well.

i`m supposed to go back out to work tomorrow and i think i should be up to it, in two to three weeks or 10 – 12 ejaculations, i`m supposed to drop off a sample at my doctor`s. once there are two samples without semen in it, the vasectomy will be considered a success.


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the gayest thing i have ever done is my life, i did  last night; i wore a jock strap; sorry the politically correct term is athletic support; for the first time.

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between my two medical appointments in as many days, i seem to be moving forward and standing still at the same time.

after a swift and successful vasectomy consult, i`ve been scheduled for the actual cut in early April and left armed with instructions and a script for some mighty powerful drugs.

this morning`s poking and prodding was a mite less conclusive or i should say, no one was saying squat to me. something wasn`t quite right with the ultrasound, but the lab tech wont say anything to me, other than i should wait to hear from my doctor. now there are words that don`t fill you with confidence. i also had to have more blood drawn to check my levels of iron and another test i don`t recognise. yes, i read my charts, i like to know what is being done to me and why.

today is my last day at work for a week, then it`s off to cool DC for four days. we`re not leaving until tomorrow afternoon because vic has class in the morning, which also means we`re not making the straight 11 hour drive. we`re stopping off at my mother in law`s and enjoying her amazing waffles and doing the last 8 hours on sunday, on the return trip it`s a non-stop drive back. the 11 hour drive back doesn`t faze me, i`ve done it before and gone to work the next day but i also have buns of steel and an large bladder. i`m not so sure about my passengers.

i don`t know if i have the willpower to stay away for a week but we`ll see how it goes. i`m taking the laptop under the guise of needing some way to dl the images from the camera we`re borrowing and it does have a wireless card and i`m sure i can find some bandwidth to poach. but if you don`t see me know i`m have fun in dc and i`ll be back home by friday; vic and her classes again; with pictures in tow.