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this contains more information that you may want to know about me, so if issues of sexuality and penises are likely to offend; move on now.

caveat emptor.

i`ve made out with another man, i`ve been dressed as a woman, i`ve shaved my pubes for sheer excitement; as opposed to currently — for medical reason; but the gayest thing i have ever done is my life, i did  last night; i wore a jock strap; sorry the politically correct term is athletic support; for the first time.

i could google the history of the athletic support but i have my own theory. i wear boxer briefs that give me more support than that. i believe that support was invented by someone that want to believe the young man he was having sex with was just a really lithe woman. think about it; the brain bleach is over to the side there; all the support does is prevent the testes from hanging down while giving unencumbered access to the ass, from the back with a lot of lube and a lot of imagination…

i suppose me being flippant and snarky is my way of dealing with my first major surgery ever. i`ve never owned an athletic support before but i had to buy one to wear after the vasectomy. i`m just fascinated by how pointless it looks and feels. i`m off to take my pre-surgery drugs to `calm` me, the procedure is suppose to take 45 minutes and then i`m going to feel like someone has kicked me in the groin, for two days. at the same time i am to become very intimate with some frozen peas and abstain from sex for a week. hell week begins now.

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